Voltron: The Plots We Don’t See

The Voltron executive producers let us know whether the series will return to plots like the Galra civil war or the Voltron Coalition.

While Voltron: Legendary Defender focuses on the main paladins of the giant robot lions defending the universe, there’s a ton of side characters and plots. The Blade of Marmora working within the Galra, the Voltron coalition, and the Galra civil war are all side stories the series has set up but hasn’t paid off yet.

Executive producer Joaquim Dos Santos says that plots like the Galra civil war are still happening in the background but there’s so many moving parts in the story they can’t pull focus away from the still expanding group of main characters.

Executive producer Lauren Montgomery adds they will mention the Galra civil war (which is still going on) and the Voltron Coalition in the future but it’ll mostly take place off screen.

“There are still planets out there dominated by Galra. I like to think the Coaltion is out there pulling off their missions. They’re slowly but surely freeing those planets. If they need Voltron as backup for something, they do it but that’s the more boring part of (the story). That’s the stuff we can let happen off screen.”

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Dos Santos jokes that they did the opposite of writing themselves into a corner. “We wrote ourselves into a giant universe. We can’t show it all.”

He goes on to echo a sentiment Den of Geek had previously raised with the producers about the idea of books set in the Voltron universe.

“There could be entire novels written about what’s going on in the world of Voltron.”

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