Voltron Season 6: What to Expect

Voltron Season 6 drops soon and we give our take on what we’d like to see in season six.

Voltron Season 5 left the series totally turned upside down. Zarkon was killed. Lotor joined up with the Paladins and took over the Galra Empire. Haggar brought back Sendak. Allura even got the power needed to make new lions! So what could happen next?

Well we know Voltron Season 6 will only be about as long as season five was (give or take a few episodes) but we still have some things we’d want them to address. A few entries here are just building off the end of season five. Some are more wishful thinking.

Ready? Let’s go!

Keith’s Mom 

Okay, we aren’t 100% sure this is Keith’s mom. She didn’t actually say it but come on, we all know it’s Keith’s mom. She has Keith’s chin! She said she left him once before. This asks a lot of questions that could open up huge venues of storytelling. 

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How did this Galra solider meet Keith’s dad on Earth? Did she travel to Earth? Have the Galra already been to Earth? What were they doing there? Why did she leave Keith’s dad? How long was she around when Keith was a baby if she was at all? There are so many questions with the way her final scene with Keith ended we hope they’ll be addressed sooner rather than later. 

The Fracturing of the Galra Empire

As shown in the fourth episode of Season 5, “Kral Zera” the Galra empire is broken. Lotor may lead the empire but it isn’t the strong power it once was. What will happen with all these general vying for power? Will the paladins have to fight against them all? Will they unite against Lotor and the Paladins?

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There’s a lot of Voltron characters but we can’t help but want to see more of the generals from “Kral Zera.” Even in their brief appearances there they had a ton of personality and a few more scenes when them would do the world of Voltron good. Hell, any amount of Galra politics is a good time.

Allura’s Alchemy

After the White Lion’s test Allura seems to have been gifted with the same powers her father had in creating the original Voltron lions. What will Allura do with this power? It’s doubtful she’ll be able to wield it right away but the possibilities are endless. Seeing her train with these powers could be really intriguing.

What if, with all the Galra generals running around, Lotor convinces her to try and make new lions. It could be Lotor’s ultimate plan to gain the same level of power the Paladins have and Allura’s newfound alchemy will be the best way to get it.

Sam’s Return to Earth

Sam said he’d be bringing back information on what’s been happening with the Galra Empire and the Paladins. What will Earth do with this information? They could start to amass their own forces in an attempt to combat any Galra who might come to Earth. They could try and take the fight to to the Galra.

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What if they already know and will try to keep Sam quiet? We saw what the Garrison did when Shiro crashed back down to Earth. Maybe they’ve always known and are just covering it up to keep the populace from descending into panic. 

If they aren’t hiding anything Sam could help them develop their defenses. What if, with all the data he has on Voltron, the Galaxy Garrison attempts to make its own Voltron. One made out of… Vehicles? 

Lotor’s Machinations

Is Lotor a good guy? Does he have an ulterior motive in helping the Paladins? Let’s not lie, he totally does. Just look at how he reacted to not passing the test of the White Lion. However Lotor can’t be put into just a “good” or “bad” cateogry. He’s far more layered than that.

He has a bigger goal. Maybe it truly is to change the direction of the Galra Empire and provide them with unlimited quintessence. How far is he willing to go for that though? He’s friendly with the Paladins now sure but that’s only because they’re serving his needs. If the Galra empire is his number one focus then he’ll have to betray the team eventually but in his mind it’ll be for the greater good.

There’s just no way to be sure what Lotor is up to and that’s what makes the character so compelling. He could go anywhere.

Kuron Shiro

So it’s pretty much confirmed the Shiro we’ve been with since season three is… altered in some way. Whether it’s a clone, android, or the original Shiro with some Haggar mind magic something is amiss. Lance notices it and it’s beginning to dawn on “Kuron Shiro” as well.

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This plotline needs to be addressed immediately. If Shiro fears something is amiss Haggar should be able to tell when she peaks into his mind. What if she steps up his “programming” and has him attack the team?

This also leads to the question that if this Shiro is a clone… what happened to the original Shiro? Is he still out there somewhere? Is his soul bonded to the Black Lion?

What Has Haggar Been Searching For? 

That question ended season five. Was it simply the alchemy Haggar is after? That’s the obvious answer of course but what will she do with it once she has it? Just ruling the universe? What would that give her?

Maybe she’s searching for something deeper. An access to greater forces in the universe that would allow her to control reality itself. That or at least make some lions of her own. Come on, who doesn’t want a robot lion?

Voltron Season 5 Episode 4

Lotor Finding Out Haggar Is His Mom

Did you hear the bile that rose in Lotor’s voice when Allura even suggested he could be related to Haggar? He’s in for a rude awakening if she drops that bombshell on him.

Why is Lotor so riled up at even the thought of this possible connection between them? Is so much of his ultimate plan tied up in believing his mother was a good person? If he hated his father so much maybe having the idea of a good mother was what kept him going. Shaped him.

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Without that image he could snap and that might make him descend back into the “evil” Lotor.

Where Are The Space Mice?!

They were totally gone in season five! We need them! They’re so cute and Allura’s best buddies. You know they wouldn’t put up with all this Lotor nonsense. They’d make some very good points (all in squeaks of course) about Lotor not being trustworthy.

Who knows, maybe we haven’t seen them as much because they’re working on their own Voltron. No, not Vehicle Voltron. Space Mouse-Tron.

Yeah, perhaps the Paladins will fight against Lotor’s own lion force and the only way to tip the scales of power? THE SPACE MICE.

What do you expect from Voltron Season 6?

Shamus Kelley is a pop culture/television writer and official Power Rangers expert. The world needs more Space Mice. Follow him on Twitter!  

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