Voltron Season 6 Episode 6 Review: All Good Things

Amidst so many plots finally paying off we discover the secret theme of Voltron Season 6.

This Voltron Legendary Defender review contains spoilers.

Voltron Season 6 Episode 6

Voltron isn’t slowing down for a second. Unlike season five though this train isn’t going off the rails, it’s right on course. It’s just hurtling down the tracks to get there.

I could go in order but screw it, the reveal of Lotor’s Voltron was one of the coolest visuals this show has ever done. I know Steve Ahn (who directed this episode) is a fan of Super Sentai (Japanese Power Rangers) and you could see it in that combining sequence. Every shot, every motion, it was all right out of one of those series and I was giddy as hell for it.

Plus that means we’ve got a mech on mech fight coming our way. Seeing Voltron take on ships and such has been okay but it’s just not the same as duking it out with an equal. This series really eased up on the Robeasts so there’s been a lack of strong mecha action. Hopefully that’s about to change in a big way. 

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Thankfully even with the show hurtling towards it season finale we still get some much needed quiet moments. Keith and Shiro in the Black Lion void of course but most important Lance and Allura. We still haven’t dealt with her knowing Lance has a crush but that isn’t important right now. 

In this scene we get the fallout of everything. Not just with Shiro but Lotor as well. Allura blames herself but Lance, rightfully, says she shouldn’t blame herself. They were all duped. This kind of scene is essential.

While non-stop action is fine we need these breather scenes to take stock of our characters emotional state. That way we can then be propelled into the next leg of the story without feeling like we missed important character development. Seeing Lance and Allura bond like this will mean the world the next time his feelings for her comes up. It may even make all the difference.

You can feel the pure energy of the series finally unleashing all these plots it had been setting up for so long. Lotor’s especially. His master plan has so many layers but it’s all become clear, he’s only out for himself. He tries to snake his way back into the team’s good graces but once again they aren’t having it. Zero hesitation. Even his generals turn on him.

Lotor is alone and that’s when he reveals his true colors. Everything up till now? That was an act. The Lotor we seen driven mad with power and rage? That’s the real Lotor. He’s been so good at hiding it but the bit we glimpsed in season five finale is now on full display.

Nothing will stand in his way. If you do? You die. It’s that simple. But what does Lotor want? It might actually be tied into the secret theme of this season.

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It’s been woven through Keith, Allura, Lance, and Shiro. We’ve seen how it makes them stronger, even if may seem like a weakness on the surface. Shiro’s love for Keith helped him become a man. Keith’s love for Shiro kept him going. Lance’s love for Allura made him a better person. Allura’s love for Lotor gave her hope. 

Lotor’s love? He doesn’t give it to anyone. He thinks he does but it’s not true love. What he really wants is unquestioning love from everyone around him. He wants the universe to love him like he was never loved. In this way he’s the polar opposite of Keith.

Keith was denied love as a child and closed himself off. Eventually though his heart slowly started to open again for his friends. Lotor on the other hand completely shut himself down, covering his hurt with a mask (much like Lance, actually.) He became so lost in this persona he created he lost sight of what he needed… love.

Now though he can’t ask for it. He’ll take it by force or through clever trickery. He sees the team’s kind of love as a weakness. Something to exploit. It isn’t.

Keith’s love for his friends catapulted him across the universe. Now they’re going to combine their love for each other and kick Lotor’s ass.

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Shamus Kelley is a pop culture/television writer and official Power Rangers expert. Follow him on Twitter!