Voltron Season 5: 10 Things We Want to See

With the new season of Voltron dropping in March we give our take on what we'd like to see in season five.

After the mega cliffhanger of Voltron Legendary Defender Season 4 fans have been waiting for months to see what the new season of the hit Netflix series will bring. Now that we know the release date we put together a list of the things we hope this season will address. If this season is as short as seasons three and four were it’s unlikely they’ll be able to cover everything we’ve mentioned here but fans can dream, right? 

Some of these are fairly likely, especially the ones that build off the cliffhanger of last season. Some are pie in the sky, things we’d like to see but aren’t holding out for. Some are just us being HUGE fans of classic Voltron and wanting to see some throwback references to the old series.

Lotor With The Paladins

“I think it is time we had a discussion”

And with those final words of season four Voltron fandom exploded. Would Lotor join Team Voltron? Did he save Keith just to ingratiate himself on the team? Is he planning to use tech from the Castle/the trans reality comet to continue building ships? It does look like they could all combine into a robot…

Seeing Lotor interact with the Paladins in a non-combat situation will be electric to see. They all don’t like Lotor but he does have information that could prove useful to them. He may be a fugitive but he’s lived amongst the Galra his whole life. He may still have allies in the Empire.

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Will Lotor win any of the Paladins over to trusting him even a little bit? He really does have a way with words, plus how can you say no to that hair? Just having Lotor onboard will send the team into conflict, with everyone arguing over what they should do with him.

We suspect Keith will try to spare him, if only for saving his life. We can’t wait to see how Lotor attempts to manipulate the team to furthur his own goals.

Will Keith Rejoin The Team?

Keith departed Team Voltron at the start of season four to work with the Blade of Marmora. It was an emotional departure, especially since he had just been coming around on being the leader of the team. Shiro took his place as the pilot of Black Lion but will Keith need to step back into the pilot seat again? Will he stick with the Blades?

Maybe if Lotor sticks around on the ship he’ll need a guard to watch his every movie (and stop the other rebels from killing him.) That guard could easily be Keith.

Is Shiro a Clone?

From the moment Shiro came back in season three something didn’t seem right. It was all too easy that they let him escape. Many fans have speculated this isn’t the real Shiro but a clone of some sort, sent with no knowledge of his secret objective to gather information on the Voltron Paladins or even betray them.

We’re taking this theory even further and that the only “true” Shiro we’ve ever seen was in the opening minutes of the very first episode. The Shiro that Keith saved on Earth? He was a clone as well.

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Hopefully this season we finally get an answer on what the deal is with Shiro, if he’s a clone or not. If he is, maybe we’ll get some classic clone angst. Maybe he’ll be “activated” by Zarkon and the team will have to fight him. Imagine that, the Paladins having to fight someone who looks just like their Space Dad.

The Shiro and Keith Backstory

Eagle eyed fans noticed that a flashback in season four had an easter egg of Shiro and Keith standing with each other at the Garrison. Could this be the season we learn about the connection they had prior to the start of the series? After all, Keith was the first one in to get Shiro when he crashed onto Earth in the first episode.

Speaking to Hypable, co-executive producer Lauren Montgomery stated, “that’s a storyline that we’ve always wanted to explore and that we have every intention of learning a little bit more of what that relationship is.”

Does that mean we might get another flashback episode? Perhaps when the team takes on Clone Space Dad?

More Hunk

Hunk needs more love. While Voltron has a huge cast of characters to balance the softest character of all has had precious little focus the last two seasons. In past interviews the executive producers had mentioned he’d be something of a diplomat for the Voltron coalition and that never really showed up on screen. Could we see it this season? Or perhaps he’ll get some time hang with Shay. We can only hope!

Lotor’s Generals As Fugivites

“There’s still one option left.”

Betrayed by Lotor and now fugitives from the Galra Empire, what other option could Lotor’s Generals have? Axca, Ezor, and Zethrid are now their own little group who have no ties to the Galra or Voltron.

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Will they be the wild card in this intergalactic war? Perhaps they’ll try and go back to the Galra. Maybe they know what Lotor’s planning with the comet and his mecha, especially since they have one of them. We’d pay good money for an episode solely focused on these three.

Galactic Politics

While the beginning of season three made a big deal about the team needing to sign worlds up for the Voltron coalition much of this was sidelined and later squeezed into “The Voltron Show”. While that episode was hilarious we’d like to see a deeper exploration of Voltron’s impact on the galaxy.

The Galra Empire pretty much had full control over a large chunk of the universe. What’s it like for that to suddenly change? Did everyone on those worlds want to be liberated? Maybe some of them liked being under Zarkon! I’m not saying you need to go all Star Wars prequels on this, but sending the team off to a planet where there’s some real debate over which group they should side with would do wonders for establishing a bigger picture of the galaxy.

Haggar Remembers Her Old Life

For so long Haggar had repressed memories of her old life as Honerva and now they’re finally coming to the forefront. How will she reconcile her old life with the lifetimes she’s lived as Haggar? Will she continue to work with Zarkon or will she have a change of heart? Even more chilling, could those old memories only stoke the fires of her desire to see Voltron destroyed?


A long shot to be sure but the Paladins left loved ones back on Earth. While it’s doubtful they’ll actually return could we get a few references to their families? How they miss home? Maybe they’ll get some word about how this conflict could find its way to Earth, instilling a new sense of purpose to fight.

Vehicle Voltron

The BIGGEST long shot, but did anyone else think about the long neglected Vehicle Voltron when all this Coalition ships were fighting at the end of the fourth season? Just saying, they could all smash themselves together to create a makeshift Vehicle Voltron.

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What do you expect from season five of Voltron? Stay tuned to Den of Geek because we’ll have more about the season coming soon!

Shamus Kelley is a pop culture/television writer and official Power Rangers expert. He just really wants to see Vehichle Voltron. Follow him on Twitter!