Voltron: Lance’s Evolution

While he was once "Loverboy Lance" the Blue Lion Paladin has slowly come into his own as a respectable teammate of Voltron.

At the start of Voltron’s run the character of Lance was “Loverboy Lance.” He flirted with every girl he saw, tried to play cool at all times, and genuinely thought pretty highly of himself. Slowly over Voltron’s five season run the character has evolved,particularly in the recently aired season five.

He stopped flirting with Allura at every turn and saw her as more of a friend/teammate. With Shiro being really suspicious right now he’s even been taking more of a leadership position. He’s still the same Lance (he delivered a super sick burn to Lotor) but he’s grown up.

Showrunner Lauren Montgomery explains it was always their intention to start Lance’s character from a jokey place so they could evolve him away from it.

“All our charatcers were meant to grow up a lot over the course of the series and now we’re seeing that really happen with Lance,” Montgomery says. “It took it’s time but now it’s here.”

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Showrunner Joaquim Dos Santos adds, “He had to overcome trying to think of himself as the solo awesome guy.”

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Montgomery points out that much of what Lance has become, especially more of a leader, was always in him but they were, “things that maybe he wasn’t comfortable showing. Now he realizes, ‘oh that’s actually good. Me being the center of attention isn’t what’s necessary right now. Me being helpful and supportive for my team is what’s necessary.’”

The more the characters of Voltron grow and change the more we love them.

Shamus Kelley is a pop culture/television writer and official Power Rangers expert. He’ll never forget Lance’s milkshakes. Follow him on Twitter!