Voltron Actors Don’t Decide Canon

Nothing Voltron actors say in interviews or online actually “counts” in the show, even when it comes to Lance’s milkshakes.

Any group of fans will theorize about their favorite TV shows or movies, but Voltron is a little different from most because a large chunk of its cast are fans of the show themselves. Actors such as Bex Taylor-Klaus (Pidge) and Jeremy Shada (Lance) love the show to death and will often tweet or discuss the show in-depth with fans.

The actors will often be asked questions about the characters that haven’t been revealed in the show so they’ll often make something up off the top of their head or use their own acting choices as an answer.

In theory this can be a lot of fun but often times these actors answers can become canon to some fans. A huge example is an interview Den of Geek previously conducted with Shada where, when asked if Lance’s milkshakes bring all the boys and girls to the yard he answered, “Lance’s milkshakes bring everybody to the yard.”

To many fans this was confirmation the character of Lance was actually bisexual. When we brought this up to Shada (with much gentle ribbing from Klaus) he was floored.

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“People pick up things and take things so out of context,” he laughs. “I didn’t do anything. I didn’t say anything. I just said, ‘yes, milkshakes. Yeah. Milkshakes and stuff.”

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Shada often jokes in fan Q/A’s at panels or online and then finds his jokes being labeled as “confirmed” by fans. Klaus jokes they need shirts that say “Not Canon.”

“Nothing I say is canon,” adds Shada.

Klaus thinks they need to put that in their social media bios now. “All opinions are my own. Not Canon.”

Just remember, while actors love to have fun talking about their characters they don’t actually have much or any control over the series itself. Questions about character back stories are often better directed towards the writers and producers of the series since they come up with much of it.

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Shamus Kelley is a pop culture/television writer and official Power Rangers expert. Follow him on Twitter!