Under the Dome: The Endless Thirst, Review

Chester's Mill isn't just cut off from the rest of the world, they have to worry about how to get water Under The Dome.

This was one of those necessary episodes, as every viewer at some point will ask where the hell Chester’s Mill will get resupplies of water, food, and gas? This episode deals with the panic that comes along with the threat of running out of water. There is a sense of realism to the episode, as anyone who lived through the days following Hurricane Sandy will tell you, it was a common sight to see scuffles at long gas lines after just a few days of not having access to gasoline. The kind of chaos that this type of panic creates is a perfect time for a little in-depth character exploration. Starting with Jim and Norrie, who are on the hunt for the insulin that Norrie’s mom so desperately needs. The budding couple breaks into homes of known diabetes patients in search of the lifesaving medicine. When confronted by a diabetic child, Norrie reveals her true nature by leaving the boy’s insulin, taking only one bottle to insure her mother a tomorrow. This is a good sign as it seems that Jim and Norrie have some sort of unnatural connection to the dome, as if they were chosen to carry the dome’s message. Imagine if the same burden was on Big Jim or Junior? Or even on Barbie, who reveals an inner darkness this episode as he gives into a murderous rage when he finds Angie about to be raped by two scumbag friends of Junior’s. Junior himself seems to embracing his new role as deputy as he reluctantly calls off his hunt for Angie in order to stop the riot caused by the lack of water.

Speaking of Angie, can this gal be any more of a victim? She’s almost on a Wile E. Coyote level of haplessness. She has gone from Junior’s victim, to almost drowning herself, to Big Jim’s prisoner, to being beaten and almost raped by two bat-wielding thugs. Luckily, she is saved by Barbie who goes into a Wolverine-like berserker rage at the sight of her prone form about to be victimized. The show is going to have to pull back on the whole Angie-as-constant-victim thing or risk self-parody.

Big Jim continues to evolve as the de facto leader of the domers. He constantly walks the fine line between magnanimous protector and tyrant. Jim’s leadership is challenged by a farmer and old adversary of Jim’s who has access to a valuable well. He offers to trade the well for Jim’s propane, and Jim does not like the challenge to his authority. The last person to challenge Jim was Reverend Bellamy, who Jim dispatched last week in a memorable and violet fashion in television’s first murder via dome. It will be interesting to see how Jim handles this challenge.

It seems the character of Dodie exists to explain to viewers the well-thought-out pseudo-science of the dome, as she supplies a reasonable sounding explanation to why a sudden rain storm hits Chester’s Mill. As the rains fall on Chester’s Mill, ending the riots and insuring residents and viewers that water will not be an issue, there is a sense of dread as the dome now appears to be displaying intelligence, supplying its guests with the basic necessities in order for them to survive. But to survive for what?

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Den of Geek Rating: 3.5 Out of 5 Stars


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3.5 out of 5