True Blood season 5 episode 10 review: Gone, Gone, Gone

The countdown to the season five finale has well and truly begun in this week's True Blood. Here's Emma's review...

This review contains spoilers.

5.10 Gone, Gone, Gone

In a scarily accurate piece of titling genius, three times ‘gone’ is precisely the right description of this episode – the first for the broken vampire minds, the second for the broken man leaving town, and the third for the death of Godric – again. No one cares about creepy Mike the Coroner…

It’s taken a while, but it’s finally happened – Russell has revealed his day-walking master plan, and for some reason, certain members of the council were surprised. Had Bill and Eric, in the first blushes of their bromance, forgotten that they put him in the ground with that very specific knowledge? Poor show boys. Now that he’s at full strength, has a new boytoy, and all the power he could possibly wish for, the ex-King can now start being his old batshit self again – which apparently includes the occasional onset of a European accent. You have to wonder, is that just the way the craziness is expressing itself, or is Russell German? That’s a backstory worth telling, surely?

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Also getting quite comfortable in the increasingly crowded Batshit Vamp Camp are ex-bromancers Bill and Eric, the latter having succumbed to Lilith-fever after a successful second round of tripping off his tits. Or has he? Godric’s most recent, rather bloody appearance was a clear enough message that Lilith is bad news – hopefully Eric is once again bluffing, having learnt his ‘never trust Bill’ lesson. And with Russell’s current schism-causing outburst, now is the perfect time to turn what’s left of the Authority on its head.

With Jess in the mix at the underground lair, and Pam and Tara representing on the outside, this could be a very interesting turn of events. If for no other reason than Tara’s kickass, stake-anyone-who-looks-at-her-wrong attitude.

Just as an aside, the enforced vamp procreation edict has some very intriguing not-in-charge-of-their-bodies connotations – given the current political situation across the pond, the timing is wonderful – let’s see how this plays out…

Back in the kicking ass and taking names department, Mr Merlotte has come on in leaps and bounds since season one, no? Gone is the meek, terrified of being different, ridiculously love-struck bartender to be replaced with a kickass, take no shit, bar man, bouncer and part time private investigator. There have been complaints in some quarters that many of the show’s characters have changed beyond recognition, but in Sam’s case, that’s no bad thing.

The same could also be said for Jason Stackhouse, whose progression this season in particular, has been joyous. Still dumb as a box of hair, still hilarious, but now also incredibly sweet and occasionally – very occasionally – profound, this is a progression to be proud of. And if not, there’s always Laf – he might have spent a little while being a hoodoo meatsuit, but Bitch is back, baby.

So, with just two episodes to go, we now know that whoever Warlow is, Russell is likely to have a fight on his hands if he comes for Sookie. Her particular brand of claret is highly prized and so unless the Faeries make like Sam and nut up, the girl will be pretty much at the mercy of two powerful, hungry vamps. That aside, the Faery/Vamp deal is tantalising – what can JW Stackhouse have been buying with the life of his progeny? Or rather whom? Whatever the answers, the Faeries are in it up to their necks, so if they’re not going to fight, the least they can do is start talking, and fast.

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Often a show of opposing extremes, Gone Gone Gone was no exception – with the Batshit Vamp Camp and Russell’s diabolical plan at one end, all blood, acid and anger, juxtaposed with the touching end to the Hoyt-Jess-Jason love triangle. Hoyt’s admission that he is unable to move on with an intact memory was beautifully done, and although it’s a shame to see him go, it’s the sort of exit that we rarely see – a happy one. For Hoyt at least.

While the last few episodes have been a bit hit-and-miss, we’re now on the home straight, and this is where the show comes into its own. Focused and tight the way it’s supposed to be, as well planting one or two seeds for season six – the countdown to the climax has most definitely begun… 

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