True Blood season 4 episode 6 review: I Wish I Was The Moon

The big bad arrives, and there’s body shifting and sharing, in this week’s True Blood…

This review contains spoilers.

4.5 I Wish I Was The Moon

As several regal types have, no doubt, mentioned in the past, it’s not easy being king. Lies, intrigue, the burden of responsibility, and that’s before you get to the witches, necromancy and general bare-faced cheek of the people you rule. His Highness Bill Compton got a taste of just how difficult it is to be king this week, pushed to his regal limits by the sight of his ex-fiancée coupled with his nemesis. Thankfully, he managed to take the high road, just.

Despite arresting and condemning Sookie’s new beau, or Eric, as he’s more generally known, to death (and for a second there, it looked like curtains for Diet Eric), His Highness came to his senses and did the decent thing. Whether out of loyalty to Sookie, or for some nefarious purpose yet to be revealed, the main thing is that Eric lives to mooch his way, wide-eyed and innocent, through another day.

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The mini Eric and Bill showdown, brief as it was, was incredibly telling. Wide and innocent he may be, but Eric is still over a thousand years old, and apparently, would easily kick Bill’s ass, which is immensely satisfying. What’s not so satisfying, however, is Diet Eric’s stubborn refusal to even attempt to be himself again. If the cocky, sarcastic, just plain malicious sheriff of area five is gone for good, it’s a very sad day, indeed.

While Eric might be safe from lover’s revenge for the time being, with the full manifestation of season four big bad, Antonia, it’s unlikely any vampire will be safe for long. Yes, poor, pathetic Marnie finally got her wish, and has been possessed by the mightily pissed off wiccan, so the vamp-focussed havoc wreaking can begin in earnest. It’ll be interesting to see whether Eric’s current state is a good or bad thing when the necromancy goes down. His whole Angel-esque soul searching hopefully has a wider purpose.

Possession, along with generally being in a body that really doesn’t belong to you, was a definite theme in I Wish I Was The Moon. In addition to Marnie’s wish fulfillment, Laf’s visit with Jesus’ gramps lead to a severe, but thankfully, short-lived case of uninvited body sharing, and the youngest Mickens boy, the hapless, ridiculously angsty Tommy got a little something extra for all his parent-killing trouble. Now a full-on shape shifter, he can spread his particular form of misery anywhere he chooses, and he chooses Sam. Last seen unconscious, but back in his own body on Sam’s floor, it might be best for all concerned if that was the end of Tommy. Unfortunately, Sam is just never that lucky.

Speaking of poor unfortunates, it looks like Jason’s werepanther adventure is finally at an end. Despite the warnings and the full moon, at no point did Jason sprout claws, or need to be shot in the head. The unbelievable levels of incest among Crystal’s family appear to have led to a generation so dumb they don’t even know how to reproduce correctly, which makes the redneck gang rape even more horrific, in that he went through it for the grand total of nothing.

Having said that, this being Bon Temps, it’s unlikely that his time at the mercy of redneck mating season will have been in vain, particularly as the fledgling relationship Jason currently finds himself in with Jess is a nice, if unexpected consequence. Those Stackhouse siblings really dig the vamp thing, don’t they?

So, the big bad is finally in town, and the stage is almost set for a wiccan on vamp battle of epic proportions. Or is it? As Luis’ abysmal performance in the face of Antonia shows, once at the mercy of necromancy, the fanged ones aren’t likely to be able to put up much of a fight, which means there’s a good chance that Laf and Jesus will be the ones fighting Antonia, with a little help from the serial fang banging fairy that is Sookie Stackhouse. Let’s hope it happens in time for them to save Pam from her putrefaction. She’s so much more fun when she’s pretty.

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