True Blood season 3 episode 8 review

Chick fights, Jesus and See You Next Tuesdays? It can only be True Blood...

3.8 Night On The Sun

Now in week eight of its third season, True Blood was back with Night On The Sun, perhaps one of the darkest True Blood episodes to date. Not that the show is renowned for its light as air attitude, but still, with road kill-eating rednecks, break-ups and goodbyes, bloody fights and even bloodier death, not to mention language that would make Lafayette blush, season three has definitely kicked into high gear.

Perhaps this week’s biggest event was the death of the fabulous Talbot at the hands of a Mata Hari impersonating Eric Northman. Having conspired to be alone with the doomed consort, and forewarned Sookie of Russell’s coming attack, Eric’s revenge is coming along nicely. And, as with all things Eric-related, his timing was perfect.

 Talbot’s death saved Bill from a kingly whooping, allowing him to reconcile with Sookie for what feels like the millionth time. Our favourite sheriff has, without doubt, put his cards on the table, and with His Majesty on his way back to Mississippi, fingers crossed, Eric knows what he’s doing.

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It’s a shame about Talbot, though. His wit will be sorely missed. Who else can get away with utter gems like, “I’m bored. Take off your clothes.”? Plus, that’s two fabulous vamps turned to goo in two weeks, At this rate, there’ll be none left by the end of the season.

Of course, death means little in TV-land, and thanks to the power of nightmares, Franklin lives on, albeit silently, as does the horrifically creepy Rene, currently haunting Arlene’s dreams. Can it be that we’re not quite done with the Cajun terror?

Night On The Sun was an episode typified by some unusual ass kicking. Thanks to Eric’s forward planning and Bill’s preparedness, Sookie and her vamp protectors are waiting when the weres show up, led by His Majesty. After coming over all Mr. Miyagi, Bill has Jess up to fighting speed, and she revels in the violence, even giving Patrick Swayze’s Nazi were brother a taste of his own medicine.

While Bill and Russell’s showdown was cut short, the biggest confrontation of the evening was left for Sookie and trampy Debbie, in the chick fight of the season. Both V’d up to the eyeballs, the fight shows us a side of Sookie we’ve yet to see, and like the rest of the episode, it’s pretty dark. Curiously though, trampy Debbie lives to skank another day. Whatever her purpose is, let’s hope they get it over with soon. She’s starting to get a tad repetitive.

Dark as the rest of the episode was, at least Lafayette got a glimpse of happy, thanks to his mother’s escape from the hospital. Jesus is back, but there’s definitely something else going on here.tTe mother’s portentous warnings and the nurse’s acknowledgement of them could mean that Laf is in for something of a shock. Either that or his mother really is mad.

Although, if Laf is in for shock, he won’t be alone. Jason Stackhouse’s transformation from dumber than a box of hair man-whore to romantic lead continues apace after Crystal shows up with a black eye. Apparently never happier than when he’s got a woman to protect, Jason goes looking for her intended/family.  It’s possible they’re one and the same.

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What he finds is a naked redneck chowing down on a dead deer, at which point, it’s clear to all but Jason that Crystal is not your run of the mill damsel in distress.  Whether she’s a were, a shifter, or something we’ve not seen before is immaterial. Jason’s reaction will be priceless whatever the outcome.

After the gore filled shenanigans of last week, Night On The Sun upped the ante considerably with some extra sex and violence, and some throwaway cursing, as well as leaving us with the prospect of an Eric-Russell confrontation that will be too good to miss.

Whatever the faults of earlier episodes, True Blood‘s third season is rapidly becoming a classic. Bring on episode nine!

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