True Blood season 2 episode 2 review

Lafayette's future is full of holes and Jason almost drives his point home with the Fellowship in this week's True Blood...

2. Keep This Party Going

Season two of the best show on TV – True Blood – continued this week with a slightly less deathly than usual episode. After the shenanigans and shocks of last week’s series premiere, Keep This Party Going drops us right where we left off, with Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) at the mercy of a post-impromptu feast Eric.

It seems at least two vampires have gone missing, and Lafayette is the last person that might know exactly what happened to them, thanks to his sociable lifestyle. Despite his cooperation, and dropping Jason in it, Lafayette’s information just isn’t good enough, and back to the dungeon he goes. Ever the industrious type, he uses the tools available to him – the replacement hip that belonged to Eric’s last meal – to free himself and attempt an escape. Enter Ginger, still not fully lobotomized, who puts a slight kink in the plan, leaving Lafayette with what he sees as his only choice. Eric, still hungry, has others plans – dinner plans…

The Fellowship of the Light, still courting Jason (Ryan Kwanten), continues to be the scariest thing in the show, and the happy-happy vampire killing camp is the most frightening thing they’ve done so far. A kind of KKK retreat for fang-haters, the group activities and role playing seem innocent enough, but the Fellowship clearly has plans for Jason. This is not going to end well, particularly considering the introduction of Jason’s new nemesis – the Luke-inator. It seems even ‘God’s chosen ones’ aren’t averse to a little jealousy every now and then, if the testosterone-off between the two of them is anything to go by.

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Scary as the camp is, it’s also the location of one of this week’s best moments. In a scene reminiscent of the excellent, if little seen movie Saved, a Fellowship songstress belts out the original composition Jesus Asked Me Out Last Night. This is why True Blood is the best show on TV.

In Maryann-related news, it seems Merlotte’s has become her new playground. After devouring every dish on the menu, she somehow turns the usually apathetic crowd into a bunch of horny teenagers, right before they get the black eyes that so often signify demonic possession these days. Told you she was trouble. Although it has to be said, the most disturbing part of the mini-Merlotte orgy was the fact that it all happened to the strains of the B-52’s. Shudder. If Tara decides to move in with Sookie, leaving Maryann with nothing to do, the whole of Bon Temps could be in trouble.

The trouble doesn’t end there; with fledging vampire Jessica on the loose, Louisiana is definitely not the safest place to be – apparently puberty is a walk in the park compared to becoming a vampire.

Scratch My Back focuses a little less on the Bill/Sookie relationship and more on the far more interesting supporting characters, which can only be a good thing. The fact that Eric (the superb Alexander Skarsgård, woefully underused last season) is making more of an appearance each week bodes well for the future, and he once again gets the best line of the episode, while still sporting the highlighting foil: “Is there blood in my hair?” Not only funny, but it thankfully means the end of the god-awful wig – apparently blood doesn’t wash out. If Eric does indeed turn Lafayette, it’ll certainly be interesting.

That’s what makes this show so good – the writers and producers aren’t afraid to take chances with established characters. It’s possible that Lafayette will spend the rest of the series as a completely different entity than last year, which is brave considering he was easily the most interesting personality in Bon Temps during the first season. Seeing Eric and his minions using him as a feeding trough was definitely a shock, not least because it raises the very real possibility that we’ll lose him altogether. However, making him a vamp is the only way Lafayette could have been improved, so, interesting.

Even with a less action-packed and bloody episode than we’re used to, True Blood proves that it’s the drama, not the sex and violence that keeps us coming back. The fuse is lit, it’s going to be a slow burn, and when the explosion finally comes, the shock waves will be enormous. Bring on the light show!

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