The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 11: I Ain’t Judas, Analysis and Predictions

The Walking Dead this week was not so action packed, but we did get character development . . .

***Contains Spoilers*** 

For those who tune in every Sunday at 9pm to see some kick-ass action from The Walking Dead, you can just ignore this episode. However, if you care about character development, “I Ain’t Judas” is an episode that you definitely need to watch.

Finally, Herschel gets fed up with Rick’s lack of leadership since Lori’s death.  Hershel tells Rick “GET BACK HERE!” and it is quite a powerful moment for Herschel. Hershel tells Rick to basically get his head back in the game. It might be the shining moment for Herschel in the entire series. 

We also see a moment between Herschel and Merle that creates a lot of intrigue.  Their conversation shows that Merle isn’t just an asshole, he’s a smart asshole.  The two oldies are in agreement on the fact that the group should have fled the prison. And, they also have a shared appreciation for Bible verses. Their shared appreciation for the Bible might come into play later on, down the road. I’m thinking that somewhere in the next few episodes Merle has a defining moment in which he can choose to save Herschel or not and this is where their shared religious roots might come into play.

Carl tells his father that he should take a break from being the leader.  Unfortunately, AMC ruined the moment when they showed it in the episode’s previews. The conversation between Rick and Carl would have been much more enjoyable had it been a surprise, instead of us fans knowing what Carl is going to say before he says it.  And, come to think of it, why isn’t Carl a mess right now? He just lost his mom, who he had to shoot to ensure she wouldn’t become a walker. So how is it that this young boy can keep it all together?

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We see the reuniting of Andrea with Rick’s group, albeit a temporary one. For those who read my TWD reviews each week, you already know my thoughts on Andrea. She’s a shady character with too much drama, always going against the grain. She’s predictable. This was proven again last night when she runs back into the arms of The Gov, warms his bed up real nice and then walks over to the sleeping Gov with a knife (which Rick gave her as a parting gift) but decides not to slit his throat (the suggestion came from Carol).  It’s a shame that Andrea, the blonde of the show, bares all in this episode and still no one takes any interest in her. It is a little disappointing that she couldn’t kill The Governor, but I really didn’t/don’t expect her to be the one to kill him. It’s going to be Maggie, in the kitchen, with a knife or something like that.

In a great development for Michonne this week, we learn that she can, in fact, speak. Okay, so she’s spoken before, but not about anything with any substance.  In this episode, Michonne tells Andrea that she “chose a warm bed over a friend” and it’s the first time we’ve gotten any sort of verbalized, real emotion from Michonne. It is a chilling moment in the episode and I was hoping that Andrea’s face might meet Michonne’s katana. Unfortunately, Michonne remains civil, which is always a disappointment.

Tyreese and his crew return after last week’s absence, but the dynamic they’ve created is a plot hole, in my opinion. These folks are good people, so the group joining Woodbury and offering to fight Rick’s group at the prison just doesn’t feel right. Tyreese wouldn’t do Rick like that!

When Andrea leaves the prison, she leaves in car, which brings me to my next point about plot holes. This episode had quite a few disappointing plot holes. For one, how the hell does the group keep utilizing cars and trucks when they don’t have any gas? Where are they getting gas? Am I the only one bothered by this? Yeah, probably. But, I know I’m not the only one who was disappointed that Andrea isn’t overrun by zombies when she first enters the prison.There’s no way Andrea is just able to walk up to the prison gates through a field of zombies without having her blood spilled all over the prison yard’s grass. Just saying.

At the end of the episode, Beth sings a lovely song while they are all sitting in the prison, figuring out what they are going to do. She sounds great, but that might just be the prison’s acoustics. It was a calming lullaby like she used to sing on the farm with Maggie and it felt like the calm before the storm that’s about to come. And, I have a feeling, it’s about to come next week.

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