The Walking Dead Season 10: Paola Lázaro Cast as Princess

The Walking Dead season 10 is introducing Princess, a major character from later in the comics' run. Paola Lázaro will portray her.

The Walking Dead isn’t waiting around to introduce another major character from the comic book series.

Executive Producer David Alpert announced at New York Comic Con 2019 that Paola Lázaro has been cast as Juanita Sanchez a.k.a. Princess for The Walking Dead season 10. The casting of Princess seems to be way ahead of schedule for The Walking Dead TV series as it relates to the now-concluded comic book series. 

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Princess was introduced in issue 171 of the comic series as Eugene, Michonne, Magna, Siddiq, and Yumiko head off on a scouting trip to enormous Ohio community The Commonwealth. They come across an unusual young woman in Pittsburgh who calls herself “The Princess of Pittsburgh” as she appears to be the only one left alive in the classicly zombie friendly city. Princess, who revels her real name is Juanita Sanchez, is a rather eccentric character. She has purple hair and likes to rock a fuzzy pink jacket and goggles. She’s fiercely independent but also seems to be an excitable chatterbox who is happy to have people to talk to again.

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Paola Lázaro is a native of Puerto Rico and has appeared in projects like Lethal Weapon and SMILF. Hopefully she’s excited for purple hair!

The Walking Dead comic suddenly concluded with issue 198 earlier this year, meaning that Princess was around for the last 27 issues of the run. Does her introduction to the TV show mean that The Walking Dead is nearing its conclusion? Obviously not as The Walking Dead season 11 was just confirmed and it shows no sign of slowing down. Still this would suggest that the show is willing to get through elements of the comic’s conclusion sooner than previously though. The Walking Dead TV show may be completely on its own, without any comic inspiration to draw from, within just a season or two. 

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