The Vampire Diaries: The World Has Turned and Left Me Here review

That title isn't just a clever '90s reference. Or maybe it is. Regardless, here's our review of Halloween eve's Vampire Diaries.

This Vampire Diaries review contains spoilers.

To be fair to Bonnie, don’t we all kind of feel like we’re stuck in 1994 lately? I mean, I know I for one have been seeing a lot of sunglasses paired with combat boots — the ‘90s are back in a big way. At this stage in the game, where Bonnie Bennett is concerned, you’ve got to kind of always assume that things are not going to work out for her. I guess that caveat there should be ‘in the short term,’ but the past few seasons have made me wonder if life working out for Bonnie in the long term is even in the cards at this point.

Seriously, how many times has she been dead/a ghost/an anchor/chilling on the other side? This is not rhetorical, somebody do the math for me. All I’m saying is that if she were a cat, she’d be rapidly decomposing twice-over. So while “The World Has Turned and Left Me” wanted us to be all, gasp Damon made it back and Bonnie didn’t?! My heart, for one, wasn’t entirely in it.

That said, my heart was otherwise engaged to the fullest. That’s because the Delena drama is moving forward. Ah yes, Damon returns to find his one true love, just as his one true love has finally gone back on the dating and face-sucking (in a totally non-vampiric way) a new fella. Not to mention there’s still the whole “compelled herself to forget about how Damon was the tits” thing going on. Awkwardness and love triangles and complications abound. I maybe chortled into my merlot, “what a tangled web we weave, indeed,” because I am secretly Hedonism Bot. Now that this engine is clearly moving forward, it feels like the entire season has picked up speed.

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I have decided to automatically bump this episode up one star for its use of a corn maze as a dramatic device. Normally I am staunchly anti any sort of Tyler-based plot point. It’s not his fault, it’s just that there’s so much other compelling content and I reach a max capacity level for emotional involvement and it tends to be Tyler to whom I give the shaft. All of that said, it was nice to see the threat of his werewolf gene being reactivated being brought back into the mix.

For a second, Tyler and his would-be lady-love were almost interesting enough to distract me from my angst over Caroline and Stefan’s tiff of the week. If Damon and Elena’s love story is propelling the season forward, Caroline and Stefan are sadly, weighing the show down. Caroline weeping over Stefan leaving town has been a storyline for weeks now to the point where it is almost farcical. It’s a shame because as characters they have so much potential, but they keep getting written into boring corners that don’t serve them, the show, or the viewers.

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4 out of 5