The Vampire Diaries season 3 episode 14 review: Dangerous Liaisons

Changes are afoot in The Vampire Diaries, but what are the ramifications? Caroline checks out Dangerous Liaisons...

This review contains spoilers.

3.14 Dangerous Liaisons

So it’s party time in Mystic Falls, and that always signifies major plot developments and action in The Vampire Diaries. Why this should be, we’re not entirely sure, but there’s been an increase in shindigs and balls around the group this year, and nothing ever goes to plan. You’d think the founders would stop throwing their get-togethers, wouldn’t you? Well, they have, as this week’s party comes courtesy of the original family, who want to become more acquainted with Elena and her friends.

The surprise of the week might be Matt’s continued presence, as it’s been a while since the resident nice guy have been around two weeks in a row. Last week, things were beginning to heat up between him and old high school squeeze, Elena, and it only gets him into trouble during this hour. As pointless as the character has seemed to most viewers, the girls of the town seem mighty fond of him. When Rebekah invites him to attend the ball with her, not only does Elena get a little green-eyed, but so does fellow ex-girlfriend, Caroline.

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And this signifies a week of swapsies between the ever-changing relationships of Vampire Diaries. The writers at least seem aware of the stretched out interest they’re asking fans to invest in the central triangle, as Elena enters the party accompanied by both vampire lovers; Stefan and Damon comically taking one arm each as they guide her down the stairs. Even excluding Matt from the equation, which his involvement with Rebekah suggests we’re meant to, last week’s interview with Daniel Gillies (Elijah) suggests that a fourth man could be introduced into the tangled web.

But the relationship that fans will take away from Dangerous Liaisons will be the one between Caroline and Klaus, one particular association that was already teased a couple of weeks ago. Tyler is still missing, after all, so an interesting pairing separate from the central trio is extremely welcome. My prediction is that Klaus will eventually become one of the good guys, occupying the grey area that Damon has long since departed, and his association with everyone’s favourite blonde is an ingenious tool to introduce his human side.

Three new members of the original family were introduced last week, and we can assume that the two spare brothers are just that, disposable and a simple means to an end. The mother, however, looks sure to take on a much more important role, and plans to exterminate her offspring were put into action this week. A very trusting Elena, offering up her blood for a spelled bottle of champagne, has supposedly helped all of the family to become linked, meaning that if one dies, they all die.

This seems like a convenient get-out clause for a show infamous for last minute problem solvers, but the fact that fans have gotten to know and love more than one member of the villainous cast strand means that many would be sad to see them go. Elijah, for example, has straddled the line between light and dark since his entrance last year, and Rebekah and Klaus have become just as intriguingly ambiguous. They’re a welcome expansion within the world, and their exit would surely detract for the show’s future quality.

Apart from this dilemma, the biggest consequence of events here will be Damon’s return to the former ‘petulant child’ persona he wore in seasons one and two. The older Salvatore has been the mature shoulder to lean on for Elena this year, but Elena’s continuous cold shoulder has finally taken its toll. Will he return to his former self, leaving the door open for an Elena/Stefan reconciliation? Or will she choose Matt over those over-complicated romances? Things have changed, for sure, but we never know how long those changes will last.Read our review of the last episode, here.

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