The Vampire Diaries season 2 episode 6 review: Plan B

After a week off, The Vampire Diaries returns, and is slap-bang on form, too...

This review contains spoilers.

2.6 Plan B

Lots of love and promises were going on in this week’s The Vampire Diaries. So, as usual, let’s go through the recap first.

Katherine promises to love Mason even after he gives her the moon stone, while Elena and Stefan promise to love and help each other regardless of Katherines threats.

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Jeremy goes to Damon to help with the moonstone/werewolf debacle. Alaric, Damon and Jeremy, then discuss the significance of the moon stone which is that it can possibly be used to null the werewolf curse.

Caroline and her mother are still struggling with the whole Caroline is a vampire-thing. They finally have a heart to heart and talk about all the issues.It was a talk that was a long time coming. It looks like Caroline being a vampire has actually brought them closer. Unfortunately, Caroline doesn’t let her keep her memories.

The ever helpful powers of Bonnie show that Katherine is in cahoots with Mason. The brothers ask Bonnie to try and help them, which she reluctantly obliges to do. Bonnie reads Mason’s thoughts and finds the moonstone at the base of a well, which Stefan jumps into, but the well is filled with vervain.

Damon tortures the now captured Mason and Jeremy shows up with a plant that is poisonous to werewolves. The torture ends quickly, though, and Damon rips out Mason’s heart.

Katherine calls Elena and informs her that she has been replacing Jenna’s vevain perfume so that she can compel her. As she says this, Jenna stabs herself in the abdomen due to Katherine’s compelling. Katherine tells Elena if she doesn’t stop seeing Stefan she is going to keep hurting her family.

In a truly heartbreaking moment, a tearful Elena and Stefan end their relationship for the sake of Elena’s family.

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Damon apologizes for riling Katherine up by killing Mason, but it’s no use. Katherine has won.

Katherine ends the episode by compelling Matt to antagonize Tyler so that he kills Matt and becomes the werewolf that Katherine needs.

So how was it all? Well, for me, that was an episode that packed a mighty punch. So now, let’s talk about the good stuff!

Damon and Tyler working together is, at times, hilarious and at other times quite frightening. Damon now has a pesky unwanted sidekick. Therefore, his quick quips about Indiana Jones Tyler had this reviewer laughing out loud. The laughter quickly turned to shock, though, when Damon lays on the tough reality of kill or be killed.

I was pretty sad that Caroline and her mother couldn’t keep their honesty. Her mama said that she would keep her secret, and I’m pretty sure she would have too. It was sad to watch Caroline compel her to forget her memories, especially after they had finally put all their differences aside and had begun to get along. I know it was for Stefan and Damon’s safety, but it still had me choking up inside.

The ultimate tearjerker for me, though, was Elena and Stefan breaking up! Why? I know it’s for the safety of Elena’s family, but it was so sad. Paul Wesley takes the cake as far as acting goes in this episode. His heartbreak over losing Elena, the tears in his eyes, everything about that moment was flawless. It’s been awhile since we’ve really seen him shine, but Plan B changed all that.

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The twists and turns that Katherine keeps pulling are great. I honestly never know what she may do at any given time. Nina Dobrev has continually been doing a fantastic job pulling double duty. Katherine is her own character and we see that in her acting. I’m sure its no small feat playing your own doppleganger.

I thought the softer side of Damon was a nice addition to his character. It seemed as though he genuinely felt bad for bringing grief to Elena and Stefan, which is something new to him. I think that the arrival of Katherine has actually brought Damon and Stefan closer as brothers, where before we continually saw them at odds with one another. It’s a nice turn of events. I like watching them work together instead of against one another. The scene where they convince Bonnie to help this was especially nice.

All in all, I think the week break from The Vampire Diaries was worth it. This episode seemed to fly by, and at the end I wanted more, which is always a good thing to want.

I’m happy to say that this show never leaves me disappointed. The episodes are well put together and plotted. All I can say is hurry up next week, I want to see what happens to my favorite residents of Mystic Falls.

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