The top 10 Inbetweeners comedy gold moment scenes

Stuart celebrates the comedy majesty of E4’s The Inbetweeners, with a look at his choice of the funniest scenes in the show to date…

With The Inbetweeners now enjoying its third series run on E4, I felt it appropriate to take a look back over the past few seasons and pick out ten of my favourite moments of the show to date.

And for a programme that has given so much comedy gold in only two-and-a-very-little-bit series (although I’ve focused on the first two series here), it was pretty tough. And, no doubt, a few fan favourites won’t have made the list.

Still, here are my top ten Inbetweeners comedy gold moment scenes…

10. Will Starts Work Experience….Badly

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At number ten we have Will, being the pretentious fool that he usually is. It’s a classic moment, as he explains to his short term employers that he is never going to work in a “place like this” as he is “not better than this, just much cleverer than you need to be to work here”. 

The repercussions of this were pretty terrible for Will.  Firstly he ended up in a lake with no clothes on as the result of some hazing from the mechanics. And secondly Wolfie, the oldest looking 18 year old mechanic ever, helps Will once again to ruin things with Charlotte by explaining to her that Will claimed to have had sex with her.  Which, of course, he hadn’t.

9. Jay’s Crazy Frog Impression

Of course things didn’t always go badly for Will regarding Charlotte. He did, after all, charm her at a party once – even with Jay trying to steal her from him by proving he was funnier than Will. “Listen, if you really want a laugh, you should come and chat with me – I’m about 50 times funnier than him” were the famous last words of Jay, before Charlotte put him on the spot to try and make her laugh. His crazy frog impression had me in tears of laughter, but sadly for him (and much to Will’s delight), Charlotte wasn’t impressed.

8. The Boys Get Very Drunk

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I’ll admit this is my all time favourite episode. There is just too much comedy gold in it, and it all stems from the group bunking off school to get drunk at Neil’s house. So, I feel this whole, extended bunch of scenes deserves to be in the list. 

Everything from Will going in to buy drink in a suit and Neil claiming his dad has lots of straight porn to prove he isn’t gay, to the general banter that is had as they get drunker and drunker, it’s adds to comedy delirium. 

But the absolute best line delivered from this scene was the infamous moment when Neil’s dad returned home, only for Will to tell him to piss off, question his sexuality, and finish by calling him a “bumder” – which is a mixture of “bummer” and “bender”.

7. Simon Pukes Over Carly’s Litte Brother

Following on from number eight and, amazingly, as a result of drunken stupidity and spray painting a love declaration on Carly’s drive, Simon manages to get himself an invite over to her house that night to help her babysit.

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He brings Will along to mind the kid so he can have some alone time with the girl of his dreams. But sadly things don’t go to plan. Simon repeatedly refers to Carly as “babes” before asking her to, er, ‘pleasure herself’ in front of him when she refuses him a kiss, Will tells Carly’s little brother that his parents are “dead forever”. But ultimately all this is topped when Simon then empties his bellyful of vomit all over that same, poor, little brother.

6. Accusing Neil’s Dad of Molestation

And for number six we have Neil’s dad being made the scapegoat for the group’s antics during the day. Will said it best when he remarked “Sometimes in life you have to sit down, and take your punishment like a man. Unfortunately, this wasn’t one of those times.”

Then they then went on to use a doll as an example for where Neil’s dad had touched them, which Simon claimed was the reason they had then acted out for the rest of the day. And, of course, all this was said while Neil’s dad was sat right there.

5. The Frisbee

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The final scene from the best episode (in my opinion) in this list is when… well… Will “hits a spastic with a Frisbee” (his words not mine). It’s the resulting scene in which he attempts to apologise ‘about thirty times’ before trying to get his Frisbee back again that really works, even though the deeply traumatised girl he smacked on the head won’t let go. What’s worse for Will and Simon is that Donovan, the school bully, sees them and thinks Will is trying to steal the said Frisbee, and begins to give chase as Will runs off screaming “I’ve got a receipt!”

4. Jay Makes An Old Lady Very Happy

Asking Jay to help out with anything is a terrible idea frankly, but it should be clear to anyone that he should certainly never be allowed to help out in a place that caters for the vulnerable. Therefore, it’s really Will who is to be blamed when Jay pops off to what he thinks is an empty room to ‘pleasure himself’ to an old picture he finds. Hilarity ensues when we realise the old dear was sleeping in the room and she is surprisingly happy at what had taken place. As Jay gets caught literally red-handed when her son walks in, she takes great pride in saying “He did that looking at me.”

3. “Bus Wankers!”

Jay causing more trouble again at number three.  While out in the car the four lads are in high spirits and all find it hilarious as Jay leans out the window while they quickly drive past a bus stop to yell “Bus Wankers!” at the unfortunate souls waiting there. The real comedy comes though when he later does it again, before realising that they are stuck in traffic and can’t speed away. Simon pays the price for this as two thuggish looking blokes threaten to beat him before saying that they would rather be bus wankers than drive about in his piece of shit car. All the while Jay sits in fearful silence. Of course, as soon as it’s clear the danger has passed – he results to taking the piss out of Simon. “You nearly shit yourself there!”

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2. Friend! New Friend! Football Friend!

This gold moment begins when, at a party, a boy says goodbye to Jay. Thing is, the rest of the group don’t know him. When he gives this new friend two thumbs up in return, the banter begins – and the nationwide chant of “oooohhhhhh….friend!” is born.

In the party, it seems Jay has taken this ribbing quite well, but it all bottles up inside him, and when the group later see his new friend’s car and start the “ooohhhh …. Friend… thumbs up friend” chanting again, Jay massively over reacts and starts jumping up and down on the car shouting “he’s not my fucking football friend!” 

Neil’s final line in this scene is the crowning moment though, as he looks genuinely puzzled while asking “So….are they friends or not?” 

1. The Fish Punch

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Finally, we reach number one. For me, the best moment by far and one which always makes me chuckle even when I think about it.  After Will rents a boat to impress a girl, he ends up taking Neil, Simon and Jay in it first against his better judgement. And in a bizarre turn of events Neil somehow pulls a fish (“A fucking terrifying massive fish!”) into the boat with no bait at all. With the group freaking out about it, and no one else knowing what to do, Neil decides to put it out of its misery and beat it to its death. It shouldn’t work. It does work. And I’m guffawing just writing about it.

There were many other scenes that just missed out. A few worth a mention are the “feisty one” scene with Will, the scene where Neil gets groomed, the time that Jay used an Australian passport to get served at a bar, and, of course the time when Will crapped himself. 

Add your own Inbetweener highlights in the comments…!