The Tomorrow People: Sorry For Your Loss, Review

After getting a taste of life above ground, a couple of the Tomorrow People break some rules by playing pool.

So, let’s face it: The Tomorrow People, including Stephen, are perpetually in danger. Frankly, I’m surprised they haven’t been caught yet. Ultra knows Stephen is connected to them. The TP (excuse the abbreviation) have him working for Ultra. I really don’t think this whole situation could get any MORE dangerous for everyone than it already has. And the title, “Sorry for Your Loss,” implies that someone’s gonna die. Maybe. Should be interesting.

Russell gets his own flashback, where he is performing a piano piece and is able to move the keys telekinetically. He ends up present day hustling pool, and meeting Piper, a cute babe. Already, I’m getting the feeling Piper is not all that she seems. She’s one of them, proving it by stopping a thrown ball. And then she beats the snot out of both of them.

Immediately after, Russell finds out that his dad has passed. That explains the sorry for your loss, but his dad was so strict…well…

Cara and John’s relationship is getting more tense. She knows he can kill, but wants to know what else he can do, and what he knows. Cara tries to stop him, but John agrees to go with him. “You know you can’t run away from this conversation, John,” Cara warns. Response: “We’ll talk when I get back.”

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Stephen’s superior asks about Astrid, who was there at the last ops event, but lets it slide. Stephen challenges Cara’s lack of authority, since she is a leader as much as John is. And it turns out Russell was a hustler in poker as well as pool, reading people’s minds…which got the snot beat out of him. When Cara and Stephen go to confront Piper, and Ultra shows, they end up kissing to distract the agents.

*sounding the death knell for Cara and John’s relationship right now*

Russell continues to go topside and get drunk, getting himself in trouble, followed by long bar fight sequence, during which John assaults a police officer. Piper is in the middle of a battle, where people are intentionally getting shot. Oh, and Piper just happens to be Agent Nichols’ sister. So, more than one person is playing both sides. Interesting.

Things get a little emotional when we see that Russell’s dad let his fingers get smashed to protect him. And Piper finds out that sister Darcy works for Ultra. Somehow, I don’t see any of this ending in any way well at all.

John and Russell are set free. “Your dad’s gone, your debt’s paid,” John says, and Russell goes to face his mom. Stephen tries to talk Darcy out of turning her sister over to Ultra…and they all leave. Ohh, this will not end well…

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Darcy, defending her sister, gets taken out by Ultra. Yet again, this begs the question: Who are the good guys, and who are the bad guys? Is there any clear distinction between the two?

At Russell’s dad’s funeral he plays the piano one last time…which kind of choked me up. And this was immediately squashed by Jed’s critique of Morgan (who?), who seems to be Jed’s current lover, telekinetically pulling off his clothes, and, well…

Cara tells Stephen, “You’re the best person I’ve ever met.” He’s brought life into the group…and makes out with Cara again. Schwaaaaa….I knew it. Sweet love…

Final review: Okay, this show is a tad predictable, but nonetheless intriguing. Enough curves are thrown in to keep anyone interested. I review Continuum as well, and although I’m happy with the show, The Tomorrow People moves along at a more satisfying pace.

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