The Tomorrow People: Rumble review

Another fine episode of the underappreciated Tomorrow People ends on a surprisingly hopeful note.

Since technical difficulties prevented coverage of last week’s episode of The Tomorrow People, we’ll start you off with a quick recap of “Citadel” before getting into the details of “Rumble!”

The Citadel is a prison/research facility owned by Ultra; an inmate named Errol escaped in gruesome, almost Silence of the Lambs type fashion and went home looking for his wife, who thought he was dead and remarried three years before. Bummer. Back at the Tomorrow People lair, John revealed himself as a liar and Cara was voted in as the new leader. Her first mission was to get Errol back to their lair, then break into the Citadel and free everyone, but Errol was killed by Jed and only Charlotte, a young girl, was saved. Also, all the prisoners in the Citadel have crazy blue eyes. Obviously, they’ve been through a lot.Stephen thought his dad was in limbo and could be brought back, but Jed said he cremated the body. None of Stephen’s friends buy it. In the meantime, we met Stephen’s mom’s new boyfriend, who may be one of the most powerful Tomorrow People who can push others out of their heads. There was also far more backstabbing than I can even begin to explain. I did promise to be brief.

The title of this week’s episode of The Tomorrow People, “Rumble,” implies there is going to be a major fight. But in the midst of all this, I wonder, if the Tomorrow People are the next step in human evolution, what advantage is there in NOT being able to kill others (with the exception of John)? I mean, doesn’t that mean they can be wiped out at will? With all their “powers,” someone can still whip out a gun and shoot them dead. Where’s the advantage in not being able to defend yourself with deadly force (insert Stand Your Ground jokes here)?

Stephen’s cute friend Astrid is back, after a rather long absence. When he expresses his concerns about mom’s new date, Astrid says, “Maybe it’s a good thing…you two have something to bond over.” Cara is proving to be a hard-ass leader, coming down on Russell. The Tomorrow People are losing confidence in her after the botched Citadel raid, though. Jed continues to squeeze the vise on the new Ultra agents, asking some to be bait for a rogue. And…do I see Jasmine Garza from Continuum in here, being evil as always? Whoa! Can we say typecasting? Cara has a lot of baggage, but suddenly her previous mentor, Julian, is back in town causing trouble. “New York is MINE, bitch!” he says, sending Cara running, for once. Back at Ultra, Stephen is learning to fight against girls who can kick his ass, easily, by pretending to be hurt. We women have all the power, don’t we? “If we kicked out everyone who showed up with bruises, this place would be empty,” Cara says about the troublesome Charlotte, whose brainwaves are disturbing the rest of the group. John takes her under his wing while Cara has flashbacks about Julian, who is planning to attack an entire apartment complex. She was responsible for his girlfriend’s death, but is now intent on stopping him. Nothing like a grudge! Russell ends up hurt, and Stephen tries to redirect Cara to no avail. She brings the B team to attack, and refuses to join Julian. And then yes, there is a rumble. And telekinetic rumbles are pretty hard to keep track of. Ultra shows up to arrest everyone, after they have been pulverized by Charlotte’s scream, but since no one knows what the hell is going on things get a little…confusing. Julian will be back…”Leadership during wartime,” John says. For once, the Tomorrow People have hope. And the chemistry between Stephen and Cara grows. Especially since John and Morgan seem to be getting cozy. Final review: A bit less backstabbing/confusion in this episode, but it’s disturbing at the same time, with Tomorrow People recruiting new, innocent members for their own evil purposes, like a cult. Watching the previews for the next episode, I will be oh so hungry to see how Stephen confronts Mom’s new boyfriend, who must be one of them…so, why is he there? Will Cara prove to be a good leader, and if so, what is the definition of good? Is there such a thing in this show? 

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4 out of 5