The Tomorrow People: Limbo, Review

The Tomorrow People continues to impress...even when Stephen is shooting baskets.

I love how previews for new episodes of this show say, “Stephen may be in more trouble than he thinks…”

Well, no shit…he’s a double agent for two groups that should be having an all out war with each other right now. He hasn’t exactly shown himself to be the most trustworthy employee so far. Not only that, but his attraction to Cara might prove problematic to both John Young and Stephen’s friend Astrid.Stephen is all into spending time with Cara, but she suddenly goes cold, leaving him semi-naked as another couple checks in, (hee-hee). John, in the meantime, gives Cara…a stuffed beaver? Really?“Our powers don’t make us good, they just make us powerful,” John notes when the team comes across a Tomorrow People rapist. In the meantime, Stephen gets crap from fellow Ultra agents for Darcy Nichols’ death. Stephen thinks he’s cursed, and Jed tells him to take some time off. Which Stephen decides to do from both sides.Astrid shows up again, suddenly ready to believe in Stephen’s “powers,” so he goes down to basketball practice to show off his stuff. And did I just see him slap a teammate’s ass? Does that happen in basketball?John finally tells Cara he loves her…”Now?” she asks. And shortly thereafter she gets introduced to Astrid…awwwkwaaard. But it’s enough for her to tell Stephen that what they did (ahem) was a mistake (thinly veiled excuse for she totally loved and wanted it).Stephen gets caught making out with Jenny, by Astrid, who is obviously upset…while Cara confesses to John. And when Stephen reads Astrid’s mind and finds out she loves him…well, duh. Uncle Jed shows up to put the suppression cuff on Stephen, you know, to put him in line while he’s on “break.” And man, when you get your powers taken away, it kind of sucks. Especially when your “friend” messes with your basketball game as revenge for sex with your girl. Ouch.Stephen is able to figure out that the rape victims are taken to the sewers, even after a highly testosterone filled confrontation between him, John, and Cara. When Stephen finds the rapist, he can still communicate with Cara with the cuff on, and when she shows up, she makes sure the rapist suffers. Near death, Stephen sees his father, who tells him to save himself…Well, that’s not very helpful when he’s nearly drowned…So, Jed releases Stephen’s cuff after bringing in the rapist…who has given details about being attacked by Cara. Whoopsie…John’s aware that Stephen is in love with Cara, but they still need him, and she’s willing to keep that illusion alive for the sake of the Tomorrow People. Deceptive, but still a survival strategy. And yet…even Astrid, with no powers, knows Cara is a partner for Stephen. But when John walks in, Stephen says he knows how to find his dad…Wait, wasn’t this plot scheme in Continuum too? Or am I just having deja vu?Final review: Interesting. I thought this show would be genocide in a pretty package, but it’s gotten pretty intriguing. No, it’s not always “deep,” but I am certainly intrigued enough to keep watching. Rules are continually broken, relationships are formed and undone, just like life itself, so what’s not to like, if not love?

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3.5 out of 5