The Tomorrow People: Enemy of my Enemy review

While not quite as eventful as last week's episode, this week's Tomorrow People still has our attention. Here's Jen's review...

So, last week’s episode of The Tomorrow People would have made for a great season finale. Now that we have reached the fifteenth episode, while we’re still a solid two months away from the real finale, the show certainly has enough to leave us with a cliffhanger in between. The biggest: Will Stephen find his dad’s “body,” which is being hidden by Uncle Jedikiah? And after that…well, then what? In addition, John is good at keeping secrets. Did he really shoot Roger, or is that the story he tells to keep things covered up? Was Roger shot and then frozen? Did he WANT to be frozen???

I’m sooooo confused…

We get to see John and Cara’s first meeting, when she tries to steal his watch on a subway. Everyone in the underground lair misses John, even Charlotte, but he’s still reluctant to go back. In the meantime, Julian has resurfaced…you know, he just waltzed into super secret Ultra and got caught, but he claims he can deliver Cara and her crew to Jed. Um…Cara got caught once. So did John. Is there a point to bringing them in if they all escape? Well, it’s all on Julian now. He gets implanted with an explosive up the nose and if he doesn’t deliver, he dies. Oh well!

Astrid reappears, but after her attack she’s agoraphobic and pretty paranoid, but when she attempts to connect with Stephen she ends up confessing to John instead. And in a late night trip topside for provisions, Cara runs into Julian. They have a little fight in the yogurt aisle…you know how it goes. Stephen plays double agent as usual, letting the Tomorrow People free but pretending he knows nothing about it. Slick!

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Things take a slightly creepy turn when Julian abducts young girl Charlotte, who for some reason decided she should take her doll and go wandering around randomly looking for John. My kids are twelve and fourteen and don’t even go to the mall alone. Julian takes a kill squad to find Cara…and acts all buddy-buddy with Stephen? After darting him? Um…FAKE.

Funny that trailers for the movie Divergent show up during the commercial breaks. Hmm…slightly similar? People with strange powers being hunted down and killed? Are they banking on audiences not also watching The Tomorrow People?

Stephen seriously went with Julian? Is he really that dumb? Ugh…and it seems that Cara and John are back together after all, and ready to go find Charlotte. “I knew you were a rat, but thanks for the confirmation,” Julian tells Cara. Oh, but a kill squad made up of mortals who can’t keep up with teleporting Tomorrow People proves to be a problem. Julian gets caught behind bulletproof glass.

Is it bad that I really wanted his head to explode? That I was rooting for it? And that I was glad when it did? Hee-hee…

Best line: You say this war is to protect humanity. You don’t know the first thing about being human.”- Stephen

And Charlotte gets back to the lair…again, she was at Ultra but escaped? Like the rest. In the end, Stephen finds remnants of his father’s experiments. One. Step. Closer.

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Final review: First of all, there’s a new night for the show coming…Monday, St. Patty’s Day for the new episode. Had mixed feelings about this one. A few steps forward, a few back. At least The Tomorrow People never completely does what I expect, which should make for an intriguing second season.

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3 out of 5