The Tomorrow People: All Tomorrow’s Parties, Review

Even when The Tomorrow People try to cut loose and have a little fun, things still end up not working out for them. Lucky for us, it makes for a darn fine episode!

Time for some of the Tomorrow People to let loose and par-tay in an episode entitled (unsurprisingly) “All Tomorrow’s Parties.” And what’s a little fun without some danger? They’re going TOPLESS after all…What? Oh, sorry, TOPSIDE. Not topless. Whoops.

 (But wouldn’t that make things much more exciting?) Stephen is showing himself to be a bit of a loose cannon, breaking Ultra protocol during a training session. Jed is asked to bring “Roger’s son” in to help. And finally, we get to see Astrid again, still being cold even though she is starting to know the truth about Stephen which she wanted to know in the first place. Women… Stephen’s new mission is to get a sample of the serum from Ultra that erases powers. And his position as the “chosen one” is getting more tenuous. As is John and Cara’s relationship. Not only is everyone going stir crazy, but Stephen’s introduction into the group is causing strain. This is only the first eleven minutes. Whoa. John is a pretty callous guy, making Stephen his scapegoat for everything wrong with his own life. I have a feeling this will slightly affect his relationship with Cara. Even though she wins her challenge with John, she seems nervous about going topless. TOPSIDE. Sorry, again. Stephen goes into Ultra HQ (not the original HQ he expected), where an eerie voice inside his head asks him to show what he is hiding from pretty much everyone on both sides.  Most important moment: Cara says, “For one night, let’s pretend to be a normal couple.” John “We’re not.” Ouch. He does show up topside, however, to dance with Cara. Jed snatches Stephen up just as he’s about to meet with Astrid, who follows them. She gets driven off by Nichols…while Jed and Stephen get to witness the ambush and death of a whole lotta people at the topside party, which was arranged to trap the Tomorrow People. …aaaaand John shoots someone, much to the shock of Cara. John shows more callousness by letting Irene die, and insists that breaking protocol got them into this mess. He also admits he has been part of the Annex project, which he has hidden from Cara. You don’t hide secrets from your women. “I don’t care about your secrets,” she says, “I care that you were hiding them from me.” Cara searches for the traitor, and Stephen admits it may be him, until Kurt steps up and confesses. He was taken in by the Tomorrow People, but got suckered by Ultra, which ended in the deaths of three people. Cara injects Kurt with the stolen serum to save the rest of them. And Astrid, again, asks for answers..but hello, he TRIED to tell her, and she didn’t listen in the first place. Demanding answers now? Uncool, even though Astrid offers to help him out. He responds by teleporting her to the place they first became friends, and the result is nothing less than powerful. Final review: This series is more involving than I initially thought it would be. Overall, it’s about genocide. Show by show, it’s about human beings who are different from others. It has suspense. It has action. It has depth, and I have no problem watching it from here on out.Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for all news updates related to the world of geek. And Google+, if that’s your thing!


4 out of 5