The Sarah Jane Adventures: Mona Lisa’s Revenge Part 2 review

The Mona Lisa is on the rampage but what is she looking for? Cameron finds out...

And so the Mona Lisa, played withtrouser-tightening delightfulness by Suranne “Sugar” Jones, picks up from where she left in Part One, blasting her way through a gallery, trapping all and sundry in paintings whilst laughing in a most maniacally sexual style (is there any other?) and brandishing a Sontaran blaster to boot.

Just another episode in The Sarah Jane Adventures!

Jones, again, clearly revels in her role as the Louvre’s finest, cackling and gurning up each scene more so than the previous. As I said in yesterday’s review, you’ll either go with her bold performance or it’ll infuriate you. Personally, she said “farted” and that was enough for me – pure gold!

If you were paying ‘close’ attention in Part One then the denouement will come as no surprise (though it certainly appeared that Clyde and Rani must have been dozing during yesterday’s plot points). And just in case you missed them (or forgot), the audience were treated to yet another flashback. Yup, Series Three really is the king of the flashbacks.

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But credit must go to the production team for displaying mere glimpses of the monster, or the Abomination as the guys and gals called it, we heard in the previous installment. Just a touch of claw here and there were enough to keep the menace of the beast and its threat alive.

Mona Lisa’s Revenge is a delightful departure for Sarah Jane and the gang, though its eponymous central performance may put some viewers off. (Not me, though!) And continuity-lovers (or ‘inter-nerds’ as they are more commonly known) may also raise a caustic John Cleeseesqueeyebow at the unfunctionality of how the story fits in with the world of Doctor Who (again, I don’t personally care).

But this tale should be drunk in and enjoyed. Another daring outing for The Sarah Jane Adventures from writer Phil Ford who is about to thrill the population in a very different way this Sunday….

Now, when can the Mona Lisa become Matt Smith’s new companion?

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