The Originals season 2 episode 7: Chasing The Devil’s Tail

Is The Originals shooting itself in the foot by introducing great potential storylines, then doing away with them too quickly?

This review contains spoilers.

2.7 Chasing The Devil’s Tail

Whenever The Originals introduces something complex and interesting, ripe for exploration over several seasons and beyond, they promptly dispatch it within a couple of episodes. This isn’t a criticism, heck, it’s the kind of frantic storytelling that drew me and so many others to The Vampire Diaries franchise in the first place, but it does seem odd when you think of how television shows generally work.

The introduction of Ansel just last week, for example, turned out to be a simple device to get Klaus to be conflicted about something in regards to Hope’s safety. That makes sense – he cares about so little that it’s always refreshing to see him wrestle with something emotionally – but it does feel like a wasted opportunity. We’ve been waiting to meet Klaus’ werewolf father since he was introduced way back in Vampire Diaries season two, after all.

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But he knew about Hope, and that she wasn’t actually as dead as they were claiming to the world. This made him a liability where Esther was concerned, as she could easily follow him on one his werewolf jaunts, and Klaus wasn’t willing to risk it. This all ended up being a way to bring him and Elijah closer together, as Klaus assured his brother that it was only him who could truly keep his inner demon in check – as nice a sentiment as this show is capable of.

As much as I hate the annoying, petulant version of Klaus that we got in this episode, watching him and Elijah find that rare place of understanding is always my favourite thing. Plus there’s the prospect of Elijah not being as over his nightmares/flashbacks as he’s pretending to be. He’s always the one taking care of those around him – Klaus and Hayley specifically – so to watch him crack under his own guilt theoretically affects everyone.

But Hayley was on fire in this episode, assembling a team to go and resolve the Finn and Kol issue without the help of the Mikaelson brothers. That team included Marcel, Cami, Jackson, Josh and Aiden, and together they actually manage to capture Esther’s little henchmen and present them to Klaus and Elijah. With all the different factions and constantly-shifting allegiances on this show, it’s great to see the characters actually band together to get stuff done.

I particularly love that Hayley isn’t waiting around while everyone sorts through their issues – she wants to punish Esther as much as she’s been punishing them, and that mission alone is making her into one of the show’s best characters. She’s more shaded with grey than anyone else on the show (aside from maybe Elijah, but that’s another issue), and has come so far since season one.

Speaking of Kol and Finn, Yusef Gatewood was made a regular cast member this week, and that’s a show of faith in these new characters that gives me hope for the rest of the season. They’re so great, bringing so much to the show, and they’re also bringing Cami and Davina into the A-plot – I just hope we don’t lose Daniel Sharman anytime soon.

To be honest, I’m ready to be done with the Esther/Mikael storyline before the Christmas break, as long as they leave behind the full set of siblings. We’re still waiting on Esther’s sister and the lost child, also, so there are more than enough titular originals to be getting on with. Even without Ansel, the show still feels a little overcrowded and, while we wait for the big showdown, there’s a danger we’ll just end up watching Esther talk about her evil plan.

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But nothing really matters, because Rebekah is finally back on the show next week, and that’s just wonderful. It’ll be interesting to see her return to the show now that it’s expanded so much, and to see how she’ll fit into the larger cast.

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