The Mick Creators Explain That Radical Cast Departure

The creators of Fox’s The Mick confirm that the events of the show’s winter finale are for real.

This contains spoilers for the latest episode of The Mick.

Fox’s The Mick continues to find ways to surprise and impress its audience. Even though it’s a family sitcom, there’s at least one ridiculous set piece per episode that will truly make jaws drop.

The series doesn’t struggle to find outrageous stories to mine from this premise, but a constant of the series has been Mickey’s dysfunctional relationship with Jimmy (Scott MacArthur). However, the events of the show’s latest episode, “The Divorce,” throw this dynamic into jeopardy. While it’s not uncommon for couples to enter in and out of relationships in shows, the creators of The Mick indicate that this change is much more permanent in nature.

When asked about the tumultuous ending of the show’s mid-season finale where Jimmy and Mickey part ways, Dave and John Chernin were quite concrete on the matter. “That’s a real break-up,” says Dave Chernin.

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John corroborates the sentiment, “He is leaving!” The two are also quick to point out the silver lining of this situation. John adds, “Scott [MacArthur]’s still a writer on the show, so it’s not like he’s completely leaving us.” John and Dave reveal that it was certainly easier to say goodbye to Jimmy when his character’s counterpart still gets to be a part of the show’s production.

The Mick’s fearless attitude should be no surprise upon learning that the Chernins were writers on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The voice of their former series certainly feels present a lot of the time on The Mick.

The show’s creators also let loose that other elements from the show’s most recent episode, like Chip’s biological father, would also continue to play out through the course of the season.

“Howard, I can tell you, will definitely appear down the road! We’re not done there,” says John Chernin. When The Mick returns from its break on January 2nd, it might look a little different, but it will no doubt be just as hilarious.

The Mick’s second season will continue when the show returns from its mid-season finale on January 2nd during its new timeslot of 9:30 pm.

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