The Legend Of Korra season 4 episodes 12 & 13 review: Day Of The Colossus & The Last Stand

The Legend Of Korra comes to a final end with two fantastic episodes...

This review contains spoilers.

4.12 Day Of The Colossus & 4.13 The Last Stand

In the series finale of Legend Of Korra, everyone gets their moment to shine.

Finales are tricky things. They’re both a story in their own right as well as a summation of everything the writers want to say. Even more so with Legend Of Korra, which is itself a finale of the Avatar universe. Barring another spin off (which I do not see happening, given the way Korra has performed and been treated by the network), this is the last thing the writers are giving us in this entire world.

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That’s a lot to ask of even a double-length episode, but I genuinely believe Korra gave us the best finale we could have asked of it. Everyone gets their moment to shine, from Meelo coming up with the paint plan to Asami’s dad making a first delightful and then painful reappearance — no stone is unturned. No opportunity is missed to remind us that every character on this show has had something valuable to offer us over the years, whether that’s Mako taking down the spirit vine weapon or even Prince Wu leading his people to safety.

And Korra herself — I’ve said before that this show is a character study in a way that Aang’s story never was, and I reiterate that here. This is a girl who burst onto our screens shouting, “I’m the Avatar and you gotta deal with it!” This is a girl who couldn’t master airbending because she lacked the spirituality necessary. This is the same character who was rightfully called hotheaded and selfish when we first met her. And it is the same character who stands between Kuvira and the beam of spiritual energy to protect her. Who is able to channel that energy into opening a new spirit portal. Who cites compassion for Kuvira as a reason she was able to win the day. That girl we first met is not the woman who stands before us today and to watch that journey has been a gift. I’m not used to female characters who are allowed to be this complex and this strong. It’s a treat to find that in Korra.

As with anything, I’m sure there will be people who find fault with the finale. To them, all I can say is that I am satisfied in a way that few finales have managed to make me feel. I feel like these characters are going to be okay — Asami and Korra will go on their vacation and help each other heal from the emotional wounds they carry, Mako will continue to fight bravely and uphold justice, Bolin and Opal will continue to be adorable. Zhu Li will balance out Varrick’s less savory tendencies. The Air Nation has been rebuilt. Su and Lin will care for each other as only two reunited sisters can. There’s not much more I could’ve asked for.

For the final time, hit up the comments and tell me what you thought of The Legend Of Korra.

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