The Legend of Korra Book Three Trailer Analysis

That footage from The Legend of Korra Book 3 that we saw yesterday is full of crazy hints about the new season. We take a closer look.

It turns out that Legend of Korra Book Three trailer we’ve all been drooling over was not, in fact, an official release from Nickelodeon (UPDATE: There is one now, though…watch it here.), but cobbled together from four episodes that were leaked by Nickelodeon Mexico. However, the method by which we’ve acquired this footage (a particularly talented and fast-working editor who goes by the YouTube handle of Bigby Wolf) does not make it any less real, and if there is anyone out there who is going to analyze the hell out of whatever morsels of Korra we’re teased with, you know it’s going to be my obsessive ass.

So let’s get down to business, shall we?

The first few shots bring us back to Ba Sing Se, from the outer wall (0:06) to the slums of the Lower Ring (0:13) to the Royal Palace (0:15), which seems to confirm that we’ll be meeting the Earth Queen this season. We also catch a glimpse (0:17) of what looks like it could be either the abandoned subterranean city of Old Ba Sing Se, which may not be abandoned anymore, or possibly Lake Laogai.

We’ve got Tenzin looking worried which could not possibly be less plot-specific since Tenzin is always stressing about something.

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A family photo of, we can assume, Mako, Bolin, and their parents, followed by a tender moment with possibly their grandmother? Or maybe just an elderly friend of the family. Either way, looks touching.

Some bald, possibly shady guy approaches Ikki.

Someone (Zuko? Can it please be Zuko?!?) riding a dragon to The Northern Water Tribe. It would make sense as he handed the title of Fire Lord over to his daughter and now travels the world as an ambassador of sorts. 

We also see some White Lotus sentries approached by an elderly Fire Nation man, so it’s very likely. Could those suspiciously identical figures be Eska and Desna. What would they be doing with Zuko? 

It looks like they’re approaching some kind of jail cell, and the editing, lighting, and frozen breath of the woman in this shot suggests she’s inside. She’s got some serious crazy eyes going on, so it’s entirely possible this is a relative of Zuko’s. She looks way too young to be Azula, but if mental instability runs in the family, she could be Azula’s daughter or granddaughter, or Zuko’s for that matter. One thing is for sure. She looks pissed.

Next is a wide shot of what, given the shapes of the buildings, could be some kind of White Lotus stronghold. Is it a recent development, or some long-hidden center of their order that goes back to the Avatar days?

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Some more modernized public transit that looks a little beyond what we’ve seen of Republic City so far, but then again, we spent most of our time there in the slums, so it could be an area we haven’t seen or it could be the spiritual successor of Ba Sing Se’s earthbending-based public rail system.

Lin Beifong is rocking some acupuncture goodness, but why?

Korra is going to learn metalbending, and since we have no confirmation from either series or the official comics that Aang ever learned, this would make Korra the first Avatar to metalbend.

That woman looks remarkably like Lin, and they regard each other with a certain degree of familiarity. You know, no one ever said Lin was Toph’s only child.

Korra trains with Asami. Jesus, girl. Chill. It’s just sparring.

Bolin has a moment with a pretty and seemingly down to earth (there was no way to avoid that pun. I tried. I apologize) girl. Could we actually get a romantic subplot for him that is more heart than comedy? And that is possibly sexual harassment-free? That would rule.

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Lin cries.

An Earth Kingdom boy being stalked by a member of the Dai Li. Fuck, they’re still around? Simultaneously…yay! And dammit!

Earth Kingdom (I’m assuming, because GREEN) monk (also assuming, because head is shaved and not just bald) taking a defensive stance. Looks like the same guy who was talking to Ikki.

Kya — YES, MY BELOVED KYA! FUCK A BITCH UP!!! – waterbending.

Earth Kingdom boy…airbends?!?

Probably-Zuko — no, that’s totally Zuko! There’s a huge burn scar on his face! – firebending.

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Korra and Asami (I like seeing those two paired off for an adventure. It’s about time) getting rushed by a crowd of…I have no idea but they don’t look friendly. Their clothes suggest Earth Kingdom (1:00). They have motorcycles (1:01). And you know what, little thug kid, that’s what you get for fucking with Asami Sato. She will electrocute a bitch (1:03). And now you know that.

Earth Kingdom monk is…is he ALSO airbending?!? What. The shit. Is going on?!?

Mako and Bolin bending their way through hostile territory in a coordinated effort against some Dai Li agents, whose presence make me lean toward my suspicions of a return to Lake Laogai.

Zuko’s dragon breathes fire (1:16) as it rushes Lady Crazy Eyes, who…has a…a combustion tattoo on her forehead?! I… I can’t with this trailer anymore. I can’t. I hereby redub Lady Crazy Eyes “Combustion Woman.”

Lin and her Maybe-sister earthbending at one another. A spar? A genuine fight? What is up?

Kya waterwhips something or someone out of the freakin’ sky!

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Airbending Boy gives Mako and Bolin some assistance, and it appears Jinora is there with them.

Korra squares off with some Dai Li agents.

Tonraq is confronted by Combustion Woman and…some chick with water for arms? What?!?

Lin throws some rocks around.

Waterbending Arms, who kind of reminds me of Avatar’s wonderfully gothish June, lays the smackdown on some guy in an alley.

A flank of Dai Li agents hurls rocks at our heroes as they run for their lives.

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An airbender (WHAT THE HELL?!) busts out of a police paddy wagon.

Combustion Woman and Earth Kingdom Monk seem to know each other.

Korra fights a hulking man with a rather interesting character design.

Combustion Woman blows a car off a freaking bridge!

What looks like a younger Lin Beifong metalbends at a young woman who turns it back on her. This appears to be how she got her scars.

Kya squares off with Earth Kingdom Monk, who sees her as roundly kicked.

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Lin and her Maybe-Sister rush at each other, earthbending massive chunks of stone, when a woman comes between them, airbending their stones out of their hands.

Earth Kingdom Monk looks pensive.

There is so much here I don’t even know what to think, but all of this footage will be recontextualized with every bit of new information we receive, and you can bet we’ll be revisiting every frame of it. Check back with Den of Geek for more Legend of Korra news!

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