The IT Crowd season 3 episode 4 review

This week Rob finds out what the Internet really looks like, and why you should not date girls from Iran.

It’s another scorcher of an episode this week as, after a faulty start, this series of the IT Crowd pulls no punches in the comedy stakes and this, in my opinion, could be the best episode yet.

Sticking with two major plotlines this week, we first get the happy news that Jen has become employee of the month, which is all very exciting, considering, as Roy points out, she does not actually do any work and really doesn’t know what a com-pu-ter really is. Still, if it involves a bit of gloating, a plaque and a piece of photocopied paper with your name randomly chosen from Douglas’ bin then that’s all she really cares about. The downside, well that might be the need to write and present a speech to the shareholder board, but, hey, if you don’t know anything about com-pu-ters then you can always rely on Moss and Roy to give you a hand.

The second and surprisingly funny plot for the episode is Douglas-centric and shows there is a deeper, more emotional side to him. Okay that bit was a lie, but taking a shine to April (the lovely Lucy Montgomery) Douglas shows his caring, sharing side, showing that no expense is spared in his ‘woo-ing’.Yup, a trip to Paris is in order (being of course Paris, a new restaurant in Hull). We also get to see how educated and well read Douglas is, showing his respect to the work of Churchill (oh, yes) as well as telling us his favourite person in history is Sherlock Holmes, who of course got rid of a big dog and is therefore great.

However, not everything is what it seems with the lovely April as, after a whirlwind romance, she explains to Douglas she has a secret, taking a page out of Hayley’s book from Corrie and telling him she was a man. Douglas seems to not be too bothered about it, enjoying the fun of a shared chip supper, going to the footy and watching Steven Seagal marathons. But he’s shocked to find that when the romance breaks up (after he unblocks his ears a little) dating a former bloke has its disadvantages, as April has one hell of an upper cut.

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So, with Douglas all loved up over cans of lager and arm wrestling competitions, we shift our attention back to Jen and after pleading for Moss and Roy’s help with her speech, we are treated to one of the best wind-ups of all time as well as getting to see what the Internet really looks like. Showing how little we computer-happy people really know compared to Moss’ superb computer skills, we find that the Internet is actually a little black box with a red LED on it that is usually kept in Big Ben and was given to Jen for her presentation by the Internet elders. See, telly teaches you all kinds of stuff.

So, with the Internet in hand and a giggling Moss and Roy, Jen explains to an awed shareholders meeting how the Internet and computers really work; the problem is that the plan backfires as the IT duo sit aghast as the shareholders lap up every word. Still, they get the last laugh as a riot starts (involving Douglas, April, shareholders and even Graham Lineham) and really all that is left to do is a small, happy victory dance – win! A genius episode that will make you never ever believe what your IT colleagues say again.

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