The Inbetweeners series 3 episode 4 review: The Trip To Warwick

Tara wants to take Simon all the way... to the Midlands. Will the earth move or is he just shafted? The answers are in this week’s The Inbetweeners

3.4 The Trip To Warwick

Ah, that wonderful moment of anticipation before someone finally makes you a man or woman! An experience that will only ever happen once in your lifetime, and not without a considerable amount of sweating and possibly crying beforehand. Tara has decided hers and Simon’s relationship is ready for the next level and our spiky haired would-be Casanova just can’t quite believe his luck. Just a shame his idea of dirty talk is a swift bout of Tourettes.

After ruling out the garden and his car as possible locations, they settle on a weekend away to Tara’s sister’s student digs up in the glamorous location of Warwick. Sharing the joyous news with his mates, however, sets braggart Jay off, who, in his own mind, is Rudge Parks’ answer to Dr Ruth.

For whatever reason, Jay and Neil manage to convince Simon that they’re the ones to help him on his voyage. And Will wants to join in as Warwick is one of his uni choices, and he doesn’t want to feel left out.

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After the slight nastiness last week, The Inbetweeners comes back with a belter. From Simon and Tara’s awkward face chewing that’s meant to be kissing, this episode delivers some of the best scenes of this series so far. Highlights include Tara riding in the back of Simon’s yellow embarrassment mobile, Will, Jay and Neil being challenged to drinking games and dares by the most punchable of students, Simon’s rage at not being able to rise to the challenge after “taking the edge off himself” earlier, and Neil making sure it’s not just Simon having a dirty weekend.

Joe Thomas manages a scarily accurate portrayal of a breakdown as he beats himself out of sheer frustration. Previously, he’s been a bit stiff, but  this series he’s really come to inhabit his character, who, despite his status, seems to get the most luck with girls. And also get naked the most too, as this is another episode which ends with Simon in his birthday suit.

But despite that, there’s something a little heart-warming about seeing the lads driving home. As Jay pathetically continues mocking the now very much over Tara, and Simon, as he vomits into a plastic carrier bag…

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