The Inbetweeners series 3 episode 3 review: Will’s Dilemma

Neil has reached adulthood, albeit in age only, and Will is close to becoming a man, if only he could overcome his fear of heights. So, does this week's The Inbetweeners stack up?

3.3 Will’s Dilemma

Hooray for Simon! His social standing is in ascent. Last series he snatched defeat from the jaws of victory with Carli, but now he’s in love’s first bloom with Tara, the cool indie girl. Being the all round good mate that he is, he’s also managed to set up a blind date for Will with Tara’s friend Kerry. If only she and Will could see eye to eye.

Meanwhile, the oblivious Neil is about to finally about to turn 18, the magic age of responsibility and voting. And his estranged mother has bought him a new motorbike, which lasts all of five minutes when Jay attempts to show off. His dad, on the other hand, can only offer him a party with a maximum of ten guests, which is about seven more than he’ll actually get.

Will, however, isn’t particularly thankful to have the attentions of Kerry, seeing as she’s not only a good foot taller than him, but also more clingy than cling film from the home planet of the Klingons. But hearing the news that she’s something of an oral practitioner, nudge nudge wink wink, he’s suddenly a bit more eager to meet up with her again.

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There’s a lot to like about this episode, including the way Jay and Neil mock Simon every time he mentions Tara’s name (which, to be fair, is a lot) and Will cringing at not only fainting at seeing Saw part:whatever in the cinema, but having to be protected by Kerry. And seeing Tara fashion Simon into what can only be described as a flamboyant re-imagining of the eleventh Doctor will raise a smile. But there’s something just a bit nasty about Will’s way of dealing with his limpet Kerry.

It’s hard to sympathise with Will because, rather than being the awkward yet likeable dick he usually is, here he’s just a dick. There’s a moment when he ribs Jay about his break-up with Chloe, and that goes too far, even for the other lads, who hurl insults at each other as easily as breathing.

Besides being insensitive, once you know that Will is just planning on using Kerry for a quick blowjob, then, quite frankly, he deserves all he gets and a bit more. On top of all that, he makes himself look an even bigger dick, when he’s attempting to defend himself to everyone at the party while she sobs at being rejected.

Elsewhere, the gags are just far too contrived. For example, Simon accidentally offending Tara’s dad by repeating the same swear word then having him see the car sticker that Jay and Neil bought for him and, of course, Will somehow making himself look even worse when he’s already in the smelly brown stuff.

For a series that has always relied on us rooting for Will, it’s a low point when you’re hoping for someone to punch him in the face.

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