The Flash: What’s Next For Jesse Quick?

We talked to The Flash's Violett Beane about "Into the Speed Force," H.R., and Savitar.

This article contains spoilers for recent episodes of The Flash. You may not want to read this if you’re not caught up.

When we last saw The Flash‘s Jesse Quick (Violett Beane), she was devestated to see boyfriend Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) pulled into the Speed Force (as were we all).

Much of the promotion for tonight’s episode, “Into the Speed Force,” has been focused around Barry’s efforts to get Wally back, but it sounds like “Into the Speed Force” will be a big episode for Jesse, as well. We spoke to Violett Beane about what to expect from her character in tonight’s action-packed installment. Here’s what she teased…

“You’re going to see [Jesse] take a turn,” Beane told us. “She really wants to get [Wally] back and she’s gonna do anything, I mean anything, to make it happen. She might not be thinking, but she’s definitely using her heart and running all in, so you’ll see that.”

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Sounds ominous, no? Hopefully, Jesse’s heart-driven decisions are better than many of Barry’s heart-driven decisions have been.

According to the synopsis for “Into the Speed Force,” “H.R. gives Jesse some advice,” which could play a part in the “butt-kicking” Beane has teased from Jesse in tonight’s episode. We spoke to the actress about what it has been like acting against Tom Cavanagh’s H.R. versus his Harry. 

It’s really fun not only for me, Violett, to be acting with a guy who is playing a different character, but also for the characters because I mean, if there’s another version of you on another Earth, how are you not gonna have some sort of connection to them?

His doppelganger has a daughter. He doesn’t on his Earth, that we know of. You kind of have that connection in some way, you would feel that, so it’s really fun to be able to portray that and see how the relationship is different, but also sort of similar.

Savitar speculation has heated up since last week’s “The Wrath of Savitar.” Beane said that, while the cast doesn’t often speculate about The Flash‘s biggest mysteries because “it’s never what we think it’s gonna be,” she has her own Savitar musings, when asked.

I think it could be anyone. I think it could be cool if it’s Joe. That’s a spin I don’t think anyone has really thought of.

There you have it: If Savitar is Joe, then Violett Beane called it. Stay tuned for more of our interview with Beane later in the week.