The Flash: Secrets of Cicada Revealed

There's a new Cicada in town on The Flash, and Sarah Carter told us all about her.

This article contains spoilers for The Flash if you aren’t all caught up.

Just when it seemed Orlin Dwyer was about to lay down his dark matter dagger, a new Cicada buzzed their way into Central City last week to plague Team Flash. In a reveal at the end of the episode, fans learned the new version of the villain was none other than Grace Gibbons, Orlin’s niece from the future.

According to actor Sarah Carter (Falling Skies, Smallville), who plays the new Cicada, Grace is going to be an even bigger threat on The Flash beginning tonight, and “for the rest of the season.”

“She is more powerful than her uncle, she has skills he doesn’t have acquired in the future, and she is more vicious than her uncle,” says Carter.

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Promising that viewers of will indeed see Grace in different time periods, Carter said Cicada II has conflicting motives with her recuperating Uncle Orlin (Chris Klein).

“She’s deadly, and pretty single minded on her mission to kill every metahuman, and that makes her an interesting force for the old Cicada to contend with,” she says. “He is more vulnerable now that he has had all the dark matter removed, and has a very human motive to continue to protect me, and be close to me.”

Meanwhile Cicada II, said Carter, just wants Orlin to be strong again and become her partner in crime. Whereas Orlin’s mission to kill metas was rooted in the death of his family, and Grace’s injury, Grace’s mission began with revenge, and “a broken heart of a very wounded girl” before evolving into her reason for living.

“It became her ultimate passion, and purpose, to find a way to wipe out all metahumans, so there is a certain amount of identity wrapped up in it.”

Initially Cicada II will be posing as Orlin’s version, but Carter teased that that soon comes to an end, and then Grace will shed the cumbersome clothing, and get a whole new look – which is also easier for the actor to perform in.

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“In the first two episodes you see me in, I’m wearing Uncle Orlin’s clothes, and masquerading as him,” she says. “Then that changes, and she does come out, so to speak.”

Carter added that it is especially fun to determine who Grace is “underneath the hood,” and while Team Flash always tries to think the best of villains, and strives to redeem them, it may not be possible for her.

“Is everybody redeemable? I like to believe she is, but she might be untouchable.”

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As we saw in her grand entrance, Cicada II uses a pair of Sica daggers, as well as dark matter dagger. Also, Carter was dancer growing up, which suggests her fight sequences on The Flash will be balletic, and lethal. She said this leads to a “great face off” with Killer Frost, who has her ice knives.

But since this is a superhero show, some special effects-fueled powers are involved as well.

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“Of course there’s the dizzy, sci-fi special effects where I can throw up my hands, and do whatever I want.”

Sarah Carter as Cicada II begins bugging the heroes of The Flash starting tonight in the episode titled “Time Bomb.”

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