The Flash Season 7 Episode 10 Teases a Fuerza Breakout

Sara Garcia's Alexa Rivera, aka "Fuerza" takes center stage in this exclusive look at The Flash Season 7 Episode 10: "Family Matters Part One."

The Flash Season 7 Episode 10 "Family Matters Part 1"
Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW

The Flash appears to be drawing its story about the various “forces” and the humans they’ve inhabited to a conclusion. The next chapter “Family Matters, Part 1” (which airs tonight on The CW) puts the Strength Force known as “Fuerza” back in the spotlight.

Of course, we first met Fuerza in all her rampaging glory much earlier in the season, and her notoriety was complete when she killed poor Abra Kadabra. But since then, amidst Team Flash’s ongoing quest for the other forces that have been unleashed, we’ve learned a little bit more about the host of the Strength Force, Alexa Rivera played by Sara Garcia.

Alexa has been played as a sympathetic character, a former drug addict who has become a health care professional in order to help those in need and help make up for the perceived sins of her past. She blacks out when transforming into a rampaging embodiment of the Strength Force which Cisco (of course) has dubbed “Fuerza.” She retains no memory of what happens during that time, and was understandably suspicious of Team Flash’s attempts to investigate her early on.

Of course, when Alexa finally ended up at STAR Labs, she was promptly murdered by the living Speed Force masquerading as the deceased Nora Allen. Fortunately, she got better (as one often does in superhero stories). But now Team Flash needs to study and observe that transformation, and they’re trying to make it happen under laboratory conditions. Those conditions require a ridiculously powerful force field, which Cisco has set up…

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Check out the clip below, which is pretty tense considering that we’ve seen what Fuerza can do on the streets of Central City. Imagine what she could do in the confines of STAR Labs!

While we’re at it, how cool is that STAR Labs tank top that Alexa is wearing?

Here’s the official synopsis for “Family Matters, Part 1” which hints at a lot of the stuff that we don’t get to see in this clip…

“Iris (Candice Patton) is pushed to the limit as she seeks to uncover the mysterious truth about Psych (guest star Ennis Esmer). Meanwhile, Barry (Grant Gustin) initiates a new training system, that could potentially backfire, with devastating consequences. Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) make life-altering decisions.”

The Flash Season 7 Episode 10 was directed by Philip Chipera and written by Lauren Barnett & Emily Palizzi.

“Family Matters, Part 1” airs on The CW on May 18 at 8 pm.

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