The Flash Season 6: What’s Next for Killer Frost

Caitlin Snow and Killer Frost will have a new costume in The Flash season 6, and there are more surprises in store.

Caitlin Snow has been an integral part of Team Flash since the very first episode of The Flash. Caitlin Snow…but not necessarily Killer Frost. No, it wasn’t until later in the series when Caitlin’s alter ego first made her chilly presence known. Initially, it was a Jekyll/Hyde situation, where she had to worry about her villainous self coming out to play. But soon, Killer Frost herself became as much a part of Team Flash as Caitlin, and actress Danielle Panabaker has spent the last few seasons balancing both characters as delicately as Dr. Snow must manage the conflicting sides of her personality.

“I was really glad we finally told that story last year of how Killer Frost and Caitlin feel about each other and the ways they want to protect each other,” Ms. Panabaker told reporters at SDCC in July. “I think this year is going to be a little more about Killer Frost. She’s going to get to be in charge a bit more, and we’re going to get to see her develop relationships with the various members of Team Flash, and I think they’ll be pretty different than Caitlin’s relationships with them.”

Of course, if Killer Frost is in charge more during The Flash season 6, that changes the dynamics of the STAR Labs team. “I think we’re going to see a bit more development of Killer Frost’s character,” she says. “She’s a little child in a lot of senses, because she only pops out when it’s time to fight, and she sort of gets put back away and hopefully we’re going to see that change. It’s Caitlin we see at Star Labs, but what’s it like when Killer Frost is at STAR Labs? Is she as willing to be a caretaker as Caitlin is?” 

With Killer Frost taking center stage on The Flash season 6, it makes sense that she’s going to get some sharp new superheroic threads. And with that in mind, there will be a new Killer Frost costume this year, too. The actress revealed it on Twitter shortly before SDCC.

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“I love that costume,” says Panabaker. “We’ve actually been working on it for a year. We started working on that costume for season five, and then every time I thought they were going to write it into an episode, they never did, which I yelled at them a lot about, with love of course. I was excited to finally wear it this year. They wanted to reveal the suit on a mannequin at the end of season five, but I was like, guys, that’s not fair, you have to show it on Killer Frost, it’s not as much fun on a mannequin.”

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Panabaker reflected on the evolution of the Killer Frost look over the last few years. “She had a suit in season three when she was full villain, and I think when she shed her villain persona, and kind of started to play with Team Flash in season four, they gave her a different suit, but it was not my favorite.”

And how did this new suit come to be? From the usual Team Flash tailor, of course! “I think Cisco, with his incredible sewing machine, did Caitlin and Killer Frost a solid and built her a suit which she can go out and fight bad guys with,” she says.

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And with Killer Frost and all her powers having a more central role in the season, that means she’s likely to have more screen time during this year’s Arrowverse crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths. This means she’ll have more opportunities to interact with other costumed characters, and the actress is ready for whatever may be in store. “I feel like Killer Frost is a different vibe than most of the other superheroes,” she says. “I feel like having her with Heatwave is funny, because they are both pretty irreverent. I feel like that dynamic with someone perhaps someone as earnest as Supergirl would be really fun. I actually think Killer Frost and Green Arrow would be pretty hilarious together. There is a lot of potential there. 

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The Flash Season 6 arrives on Oct. 8. We have much more info on the new season right here.

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