The Expanse Season 6 Trailer Reveals Unlikely Pairings

In the trailer for The Expanse season 6, there are glimpses of unusual character dynamics that heighten anticipation for the final season.

Avasarala looking at sunset in The Expanse
Photo: Prime Video

With The Expanse season 6 being the series’ final run, there isn’t much time to resolve the solar system’s woes, but the journey to whatever resolution the show gives us will be about what the characters everyone loves do with their remaining time on screen. The latest trailer for the series, which begins its final season on December 10th, gives a few hints about what relationships, both supportive and confrontational, will take center stage in the story to come.

Some established connections, such as the intimacy between Holden and Naomi, are seen to have been reforged since the circumstances that separated them in The Expanse season 5, but one powerful image that highlights a new bond appears when Amos smiles at his rescued former enemy, Clarissa “Peaches” Mao. Later in the trailer, Naomi is shown hesitantly smiling at her new crewmate, whom it’s likely she will have a difficult time trusting given her mission of revenge against Holden in seasons past.

Another growing bond is that between Avasarala and her trusted Martian friend, Bobbie Draper. The Expanse season 6 trailer appears to depict Bobbie boarding the Rocinante with a mission from the UN Secretary General to go after Marco Inaros and his Belter revolutionaries. Avasarala also draws attention to the massive loss of life on Earth, and a closeup of a plaque reminds viewers that the Roci crew is missing its pilot Alex because of the troubled departure of Cas Anvar from the cast in the show’s final season.

Drummer will also clearly be playing a pivotal role in combatting the terrorists of the Free Navy. The Expanse season 6 trailer shows her forging alliances with the Belter faction known as Golden Bough to fight back against the more extreme elements of the OPA. The group marriage she has with those on her ship is played for maximum inspiration as she tells her crew, “I never loved you because you were fighters; I loved you because you were builders.”

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But there’s a new supportive face among Marco’s followers. Kathleen Robertson joins the cast of The Expanse season 6 as Rosenfeld Guoliang, who is described by Deadline as “a cynic and a fierce believer in Belter independence who is a key member of insurgent leader Marco Inaros’ inner circle.” Not only do we see her encouraging Marco and perhaps providing some stability for his aggressive nature; she’s also depicted encouraging his son Filip to support his father as well. Filip, however, seems to be having some doubts.

Perhaps the most surprising pairing, though, comes at the very end of The Expanse season 6 trailer. Viewers see a young girl standing in the woods with her eyes closed when suddenly she hears a noise. “Who’s there?” she says as the screen goes black. Then slowly, the camera turns, and we see a strange creature standing beside her. Is this our first glimpse at an alien creature beyond what the protomolecule has wrought?

Book readers may have some theories about the girl’s identity, but The Expanse season 6 would have to do some serious fast forwarding to get to the stories beyond the ring explored in the later novels. Regardless of how the series decides to wrap things up, the latest trailer gives fans plenty to ruminate as they eagerly anticipate the final season to come.

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