The Event episode 3 review: Protect Them From The Truth

There's little brilliant about The Event, and yet Ti is continuing to find himself returning to it. But is his patience being tested?

3. Protect Them From The Truth

If there’s one thing that annoys me, it’s shows showing us what happened last week. I know what happened last week, that’s why I’m watching this week. I’ve always found “Previously on….” recaps quite patronising, but what’s even worse is when a show starts by showing the last 30 seconds of the previous episode,which is what The Event has done for its third episode. Annoying.

Still, it’s not all bad. Things are looking up for the show that almost had me switching off after the pilot.

So, the Avias 514 plane passengers are dead (with signs of fleeing and defensive postures), the evil CIA director wants more ‘extreme measures’ taken with Sophia, and the president doesn’t know who to trust, but will offer clemency to any of the 97 prisoners that tells him who is responsible for the mass murders.

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Meanwhile, Walker is still on the run after fleeing his FBI captors, but then he does something that generally defies viewer logic. He hitches a ride in the boot of an FBI car, then somehow gets into their server room where he simply ‘plugs into’ their face recognition software, all without being stopped, and having access to the system. Oh, wait. Then, a convenient plot point is revealed. He hacked into the Pentagon when he was sixteen.

Elsewhere, the divisions in the ‘visitors” ranks deepen, with Agent Lee aghast at ‘Thomas’ actions with the plane passengers. Sophia is also shocked, but not willing to turn on her own, while one of the imprisoned visitors is willing to reveal all for his freedom and his girlfriend. But will the other prisoners allow him to talk?

It is all go, but what is refreshing about the new episode is that there are barely any flashbacks and the ones that are present are from the most interesting plot point: the aliens’ arrival. As such, all the action is current time, relevant and, more importantly, interesting. It’s still ridiculous though.

Firstly, two assassins manage to take out an entire FBI field Ooffice without being stopped, a cop is shot by a pretty con girl, despite the fact he knows she’s up to no good and has just tried to bribe him, and the security guarding the US’s most important intelligence asset seems incapable of patting down visitors.

It’s all stupid, yet extremely watchable, and I find myself looking forward to episode 4, yet wondering how much longer I can put up with the lazy scripts and the demand that my brain be switched off in order to enjoy this.

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