The Curious Creations Of Christine McConnell Cancelled at Netflix

One season of Rankle the mummified cat is all we'll get, sadly.

Sad news for people who warmed to The Curious Creations Of Christine McConnell last year – there will be no season 2 at Netflix.

Christine broke the news herself over on Twitter, confirming that the series won’t be returning for more episodes on the streaming service:

The Reddit and Instagram star pitched the concept to Netflix and Brian Henson of The Jim Henson Company quite a few years ago, and it was eventually picked up by Henson Alternative. The first season took quite a while to make, even with Christine doing a lot of the post-production work herself, likely because having puppets in the cast can be so arduous and tricky.

The show centred around Christine and the creatures she lived with embarking on various spooky baking projects, none of which you ever looked at and thought “easy, yeah. I could do that.” The highlight of the show was objectively Christine’s puppet pals and their often murderous adventures in her elaborate gothic house – resurrected raccoon roadkill Rose, mummified Egyptian cat Rankle, werewolf Edgar, and lurking basement horror, Bernard, all had their fans by the end of the six-episode run.

Sadly, this might be the last we’ll see of them. Artist and photographer McConnell will no doubt carry on being as weird and as wonderful as ever, though, as she continues creating delightfully odd things for her expanding fan base.

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