The Clone Wars season 4 episode 8 review: The General

Season four of Star Wars: The Clone Wars hasn't always seen the show at its best. But it's stepping up a gear with The General...

This review contains spoilers.

4.8 The General

Following on directly from last week’s episode, and forming the second installment of a four part arc, the titular General, Jedi Master Pong Krell, continues his obstinacy, pushing his Clones further despite their recalcitrance.

Krell only wants to get the job done, taking the capital of the planet Umbara, and is quite happy to dispense with pleasantries, not to mention actual Clones, causing much unrest in the ranks.

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The General hinges on the relationship between the Clones who see themselves very much as brothers, a notion broached in previous excellent episodes like season three’s Clone Cadets and ARC Troopers.

Fan favourites like Rex, Fives and the fairly new Clone Hardcase, struggle with Krell’s orders, leading to some very thought-provoking conversations between the soldiers. It’s an intriguing move for the series which has shown, for some time, the individuality of the Clones. But here we find them questioning their raison d’être.

Aside from getting the brain box thinking about the very nature of the Clones and the purpose they serve (a purpose that will change, don’t forget), The General is also a wonderful treat on the eye balls. Between the moral dilemmas we’re presented with terrific set pieces and a cracking array of explosions.

This is mainly down to the unusual, and superior, technology of the Umbarans, from their unique fighter ships to the centipede like machines which trawl under and overground, destroying all in their way. Complimenting the visceral visuals are a collection of remarkably alien sounds to pique the ear, a feat not managed so far by the television Star Wars spin off.

Touchingly, the episode ends with the Clones standing together, resilient whilst Krell still comes over like he has something to hide. And, with two more parts to go the Umbaran Arc, I look forward greatly to finding out if this is the case.

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