The Clone Wars season 4 episode 13 review: Escape From Kadavo

Can the concluding part of the current story arc end it on a high? Here's Cameron's review of episode 13, Escape From Kadavo...

Warning: this review contains spoilers.

4.13 Escape From Kadavo

The latest story arc comes to an end with the Jedi still on the hunt of the missing population of the planet Kiros. Obi Wan, Anakin, Ahsoka and Captain Rex have tracked them down and hatched a rescue plan – though it hasn’t gone quite as they’d hoped.

After the issues of slavery and Anakin’s entry into the Jedi, the third part of the Slavers Trilogy is somewhat of a let down. In fact, a huge let down.

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The intelligence and potential character development has been sidelined for a resolution consisting mainly of fights and explosions. Now, these set pieces are entertaining and, as always, executed beautifully (particularly the flying Clones – jet packs!) but it rather reduces the drama which preceded.

Part of the problem, apart from lack of story growth, is the Zygerrian Monarch, Miraj Scintel. The slaver Queen fails to engage either with her failed allegiance with Dooku and subsequent change, mainly due to the bland Eastern European voice she’s been given. As a character, she is unmemorable and unsympathetic.

In spite of this there are still some moments worth tuning in for, most notably the smack down between Skywalker and Dooku featuring the young Jedi fighting with a lightwhip (as opposed to saber). And, for the umpteenth time, some disturbing torture scenes (though the kids must be numb to it by now).

Further reducing the episode, and perhaps knowingly added due to the weakness of the arc’s finale, a “rest of season” preview is featured after the story’s conclusion. Included are some scenes of utmost Star Wars goodness that bode extremely well for the remaining installments of this season’s The Clone Wars.

After two episodes of genuinely stimulating ideas and thought-provoking notions of how slavery fits into evil and the Sith, the third fails to capitalise on the arc’s early promise. These themes are left unexplored and one hopes that they are returned to in due time (and with the return of Darth Maul, this is perhaps on the cards), but for the time being, an immense disappointment.

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