The 100 Season 6: What’s Next For Murphy?

Will Murphy join forces with Josephine? We talked to Richard Harmon about how Murphy's journey so far will affect his decision.

Warning: This The 100 article contains spoilers through Season 6, Episode 5.

The 100 is skipping this week, which gives us plenty of time to chat about the latest, game-changing developments in Season 6. Of particular interest? Murphy knows that Clarke isn’t Clarke, but rather Josephine using Clarke’s body as a host. Of even greater interest? Josephine has offered Murphy a shot at immortality in exchange for keeping that secret and helping Josephine convince the others that she is Clarke.

“[Murphy] kept trying to be the good guy,” Richard Harmon told Den of Geek regarding Murphy’s Season 6 journey so far. “He kept trying to be the person that everyone sees that he could be. He tried, and what did he get for it? He died.”

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Murphy’s journey on the show thus far has been anything but ordinary, just like the rest of the gang. He’s had his fair share of trauma, rebellion, and heroism throughout the series. Now, Murphy feels a sense of hopelessness. He is angry and he wants some justification for what he’s lost within himself.

Murphy is in a new and dangerous planet, Sanctum, along with everyone else, but right at the end of the Season 6 premiere, we lose Murphy. We then see him resurrected he mentions how he’s seen hell and the horror in his eyes speaks for itself. He doesn’t seem right and doesn’t seem like himself.

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Murphy’s relationship with Clarke hasn’t been smooth, either, and after their short confrontation in Season 6, Episode 2, he’s taken aback when he finds out Josephine is inside of Clarke. Now, Josephine is offering him something he never would have imagined: eternal life. Will he take it? He’s certainly considering it…

“It’s sort of a mixture of this broken, weak man who tried to be what everyone thought he could be and [the one who] got nothing out of it but disrespect and pain and death,” said Harmon, adding that Murphy sees potentially helping Josephine as a way to do right by both sides, especially because he thinks Clarke, his friend, is dead.

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“I think you are exploring some of his dark side right now,” said Harmon of Murphy’s path in the next episode and beyond. “He’s not quite what he was in Season 1, as far as that. He’s trying to create an excuse in his head that what he’s doing is what’s best for both sides.”

As far as close relationships go for Murphy, moving forward, things won’t be the same, should he take the deal.

“I think it would affect his relationship with everyone differently,” said Harmon, mentioning Murphy’s relationships with Emori and Bellamy, respectively, as dynamics that would be forever changed should he help Josephine.

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With eight more episodes left of the season (it’s already going by so fast!) and each episode crazier than the previous one, Harmon teased that Episode 9 is one to look forward to.  Mark your calendars, Skaikru. In the mean time, what do you think Murphy will do? Let us know in the comments below…

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