The 100 Season 6: What to Expect For Bellamy & Clarke

Den of Geek spoke to Bob Morley about what to expect from Bellamy's Season 6 relationships with Clarke, Madi, and Echo.

When The 100 showrunner Jason Rothenberg spoke to TV Guide last October, he said that Season 6 would begin with “a reckoning” of sorts, especially for Clarke, who made some choices she may regret. Top of that list? Leaving Bellamy to die in the fighting pits. (Oh, come on! Leaving someone to die is basically this show’s equivalent of tickling! Just kidding, Bellamy—you stand up for your valid emotional reactions.)

“So they’ll definitely deal with that,” said Rothenberg of the Bellarke dynamic moving foward, “but I think they both turn the page and figure out a way to be together on the same page. That’s when good things happen.”

Den of Geek was part of a group of reporters who visited The 100 set last fall. We got Bob Morley take on what to expect from Bellamy’s relationship with Clarke in Season 6.

“They still have to kind of resolve what went down last season with Madi, putting the chip into Madi, being left in the fighting pits, and being on opposite sides of warring factions,” teased Morley, which you can see in the video above. “So that’s something that definitely is touched upon and they have to figure out a way to be able to get through that.”

While Morley addressed Bellarke’s low points from last season, he also spoke about the influence Monty’s mantra would have on both Bellamy and Clarke as they set about exploring this strange, new planet, following a 125-year nap.

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“It’s really taking in that mantra from Monty—’Do better and be the good guys,’—that they’re both trying to adopt and work upon,” said Morley. “It’s a work in progress, as it is most seasons. The challenge of trying to do the right thing and even trying to define what the right thing is and the ‘good guy’ terminology on a new planet where everything’s new basically.”

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What about Bellamy’s other major relationships in Season 6? Well, Morley’s comments seemed to imply that he wouldn’t be spending much time with Madi (“It’s more of a Madi/Clarke situation there.), but that his priorities tend to align with where they’ve been since Season 1.

“Bellamy, as always, kind of has to think about his family with Octavia,” said Morley. “He’s more or less dealing with Space Kru because that was kind of defined as his family — and Octavia. Not that Madi isn’t part of that, but it’s definitely more of a Madi/Clarke situation because they were on opposite sides of the war at the end of Season 5, so it’s something they have to deal with too.”

Morley added: “Bellamy and Madi are probably going through a lot of stuff off-screen.” Fanfiction has not dropped the ball on this dynamic.

As was hinted at in one of the first stills released from Season 6, Echo will continue to be an important part of Bellamy’s life. Morley said Bellamy and Echo are “still very much in love,” and that we’re going to learn more about Echo’s backstory in the coming season.

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“We delve into a bit more of Echo’s backstory this year, which is quite nice. I think it’s something that we needed to flesh out and to start to understand where Echo is coming from,” said Morley, adding: “[Tasya Teles] does some great work, which I’m really excited for everyone to see. We’re going to get into the emotional realm with Echo and Bellamy, so yeah that’s a story to check out this year as well.”

The 100 Season 6 premieres on Tuesday, April 30 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Read more about Season 6 here, and stay tuned for more details from our set visit.

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