The 100 Season 6: Is Clarke Dead?

We break down what Clarke's future on The 100 could look like now that the Primes have enacted the next step in their plan.

This The 100 article contains spoilers through Season 6, Episode 4.

The 100 has reset itself once again, with Season 6 introducing us to a mysterious new planet called Sanctum. In the hopes of continued survival, Clarke and co. are eager to find a real place to call home. After years of war, struggle, death, and countless feuds amongst one another, Sanctum seems to represent a new and peaceful chance at a fresh start for Skaikru and the rest that had the endure the intensity of the dark years under the bunker.

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Sanctum seems like a magical world, full of color and bright faces. However, as more information surfaces, Clarke and co. (not to mention us viewers) have begun to see the many layers of this new planet and how they operate, suggesting that the gang is in more danger than they initially suspected.

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Sanctum’s creepiness levels up when we are introduced to the “Children of Gabriel” in the second episode. The group’s purpose? To capture Primes, the term for members of the four original families to colonize Sanctum. In the most recent episode, we learn that the Prime’s “Naming Day” is more than meets the eye, giving us to a new revelation concerning what really goes down inside this planet’s dominate society…

Clarke Becomes Josephine’s Host

Following the intense and game-changing last few minutes of “The Face Behind the Glass,” we’re left wondering what just happened. Clarke Griffin has become the host body for Russell and Simone Lightborn’s fallen daughter, Josephine.

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Instantly, their daughter takes over Clarke’s body, as evidenced by very-un-Clarke-like twirl of her hair in front of the mirror, giving the viewer instant chills. This will presumably be the first of many odd behaviors we see from the Clarke Inhabited by Josephine character. 

Presumably, it won’t be long until one of Clarke’s friends figure out that it isn’t really her. If Josephine continues to operate Clarke’s body with hair-twirling and giggles, someone’s bound to notice. I wonder who will be the first to actually figures it out first and begin to intervene? Bellamy, Abby, and Madi all seem like strong possibilities. 

Is Clarke Really Dead?

Could Clarke be gone forever? Personally, I doubt it. Clarke is the central protagonist of the show, an integral part of the narrative. It seems unlikely that a mind that has been depicted as powerful, intelligent, and quick-thinking could diminish in a matter of moments.

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What we do know is that Clarke is a Nightblood, as is Madi, hence why she’s the perfect host for a new Prime. But she also once had the Commander’s chip inside of her. Does this mean a Prime can take over her mind, body, and soul completely, without an ounce of that host’s personality taking control of parts of it? Or is there more that comes into play with having that special kind of blood and Clarke’s unique history?

Could Clarke Be Faking It?

Clarke is smart, sometimes too smart for her own good. Could she be pretending to be inhabited by Josephine? It’s likely there is a part of her still in there, fighting and screaming, while also being very strategic in her approach. When you think about it, this is the perfect undercover mission to find out more about Sanctum.

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Perhaps Clarke plans to use all the knowledge Josephine has, and with the conversations she will soon be having with her parents, to take them down from the inside? This won’t be anything new because we’ve seen countless times before what Clarke has done to survive and protect her people, even when certain times it may not look like it was the right thing to do. When you think about it, Clarke being undercover in her own body is a genius move?

This twist would also give Eliza Taylor another opportunity to shine. Seeing her shifting back and forth between two completely different identities is anything but boring. Storylines like this never fail to take us on wild turns, especially when they concern the show’s lead because there is a lot at stake here.

Do you think Clarke is really dead? Who do you think will notice Clarke’s odd behavior first? Let us know in the comments below!

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