The 100 Season 5 Trailer: Everything We Learned

We've decoded every detail in this juicy The 100 Season 5 extended trailer.

The 100 just dropped the Season 5 extended trailer, and it’s a doozy. Unlike previous sizzle reels and sneak peeks that cut together old footage, this trailer is chock full of brand new footage from The 100 Season 5, and we’ve dissected every last inch of it to show you everything new we learned. 

If you want to go into The 100 Seaosn 5 completely blind, stop reading here because we’re about to do a deep dive on this extended trailer.

Here are the basics: everyone survived on the spaceship, but they’re not back on earth, at least not yet. The valley is the only place on earth that’s viable for life, and it’s Clarke and her daughter’s home. Clarke isn’t upset that her friends left without her. But she is wondering where they are and why they haven’t come back yet, and for some reason she thinks she’s going to lose the ability to radio them. After being on her own for two months, “we” tried digging out the bunker, but couldn’t.

That sounds like it means Clarke and her daughter, but we still don’t know any more about how she survived and how Clarke found her. And we still don’t know what kept the bunker people from coming out when it was safe, and up on the space ship, who hooked up with who, who’s not speaking to each other, and how much they’re going to freak out when they realize that Clarke is still alive

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Clarke is still drawing – it’s how she’s telling the story of her friends to her daughter. But is she telling the whole story? Clarke has always been up front about the fact that there are no good guys, but even she might want her daughter to think better of her, especially if she gave up hope that anyone would ever be back to contradict her. That could mean trouble between she and her daughter when the others return.

Clarke’s drawings are also how the scary new woman learns who Octavia is, and that there might be other people around. People who have weapons and an army. I don’t know about you, but after seeing the quick clip of them electrocute Clarke, I’m ready for Octavia to slice and dice these people, WanKru style.

Murphy isn’t eating Monty’s algae with the rest of the gang. But he is up on the ship, with what looks like a new haircut, and he can see the lush, green valley below, presumably where Clarke and her daughter live. As usual, Murphy wants to take action. But he also refers to them deciding to be good guys, which suggests that his moral evolution has continued in space.

While Emori and Murphy both appear in the trailer, one of them is absent from each scene, which means the only time they appear together is when a ship door is closing and Murphy is walking away. This could be a coincidence, or it could mean they’re on the outs. Six years seems like a long time for both couples to stay together, and it would be shocking for these two to split after everything they’ve been through.

The newcomers are going to war. Lead by a mysterious woman who seems like she’ll fit right in with the other ladies of the 100, they’re prepared to take Clarke’s Garden of Eden-like valley, by any means necessary. But it doesn’t sound like they’re all in agreement, with one of her group asking why there has to be war at all.

Clarke isn’t giving up without a fight, and neither is Octavia. We first see the newcomers through the sight on Clarke’s rifle. She’s going to need to use all of her skills, because these other Sky People have armor and bigger, badder weapons than anything we’ve seen on The 100’s first four seasons. But it looks like O and her people eventually get to the surface too, and O declares that the Valley is theirs.

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The sci-fi elements are still here for Season 5. There are enough interior shots of space ships to make me think that not everyone lands in the valley right away. And that long hallway full of pods looks like something akin to The Matrix’s human battery farm. Are those people the army that the unknown new tribe’s commander spoke of, or something else? And why are they in those creepy pods? Oh and in case that wasn’t enough, there’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot of some sort of creature moving beneath a person’s skin, right around the place they would want to be for an Alien-style chest explosion.

Everybody’s changing up their look. Murphy got a haircut that looks suspiciously like Monty’s. Kane’s hair and Bellamy’s beard have both grown out. Clarke has some red in her hair in one clip, although it’s unclear if it’s dye or an adornment. Either way, it’s brighter and more artificial than her Wanheda disguise dye job, but it’s not covering up all of her blonde.

Bellamy has grown into his leadership role. In every clip, he’s leading the way, giving advice, and taking action. But he’s doing it with plenty of Clarke’s influence, as though he has spent the last six years asking himself, “What would Clarke do?” At least in this extended trailer, the answer is gather more intel, be prepared, and don’t make the same mistakes that they did when they first got to the ground.

Octavia is struggling with her leadership. This was foreshadowed in the Season 4 finale as well. Aside from literally saying, “I am not a leader,” we knew that it was going to be a struggle for anyone to handle that many tribes in close quarters in the bunker. But she also still kicks ass, as we see her wielding a sword with the same deadly accuracy as always.

Jaha still has influence. This guy just won’t die. For a long time, Kane was the closest thing to a mentor that O had in the sky people, trying to reign her in when her blood lust got to be too much last season. But the two don’t share any screen time in this trailer, whereas Jaha seems to be giving Octavia advice. O, I don’t care what he says, just don’t eat anything the guy gives you.

WanKru is now the law of the land. After slicing some people in half, Octavia yells that they must choose. Sounds like a Tuesday. The only thing that has me nervous here is that the trailer is cut to make it look like Octavia, Indra, and Kane are fighting. I hate when Grounder Mom and Sky Dad fight, but having O and her Grounder Mom fighting is not okay.

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Speaker of, Indra scores some screen time with her actual daughter in this trailer, too. But I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t recognize Gaia. Her short hair looks bleached, and her mother’s lecture makes it sound like Gaia has left her religious background and her pacifism behind. Supposedly, Gaia was incredibly fierce and talented before she turned her back on her mother’s lifestyle. What does it mean for Octavia and for WanKru if Gaia becomes a warrior?

It looks like there’s some kind of Grounder Fight Club happening in the bunker. Is this the way they solve their problems now, a reinstatement of Jus Drein, jus draun? Or is it a Coliseum-style fight, for entertainment or dominance?

The re-SkiKru comes to the surface – or at least they try. Clarke guesses that Raven will fly them, and for their sake, I hope she’s right. Judging by some of her dialogue heard over clips of people fighting in shadow on a space ship, Raven may have to fight her own people for the right to do that. We see a few people in the ship in space suits, but there are only three suits. Who’s in, and who gets left behind? Is that the same ship they flew up in, or is it perhaps the mystery capsule that looks like it’s flying into the prisoner ship when Bellamy talks about the importance of learning more about the newcomers. Are we going to see undercover Bellamy again, from back in the Mount Weather days?

The Blake siblings are still fighting at least half the time. Indra may say Bellamy loves O, but knocking her to the ground and telling her, “we all have things to answer for,” doesn’t exactly sound welcoming. And O saying that love is weakness means she still hasn’t forgotten all the pain in her past. And the blood oath that looks to be between her and Clarke’s daughter the natblida, while mentioning the “girl underneath the floorboards,” could mean it’s time to start training the next commander.

On the bright side, it looks like Abby has forgiven Kane for saving her life and Monty and Harper are still together. Even better, after six years in the bunker, that relationship between Miller and Jackson that was hinted at could be a reality.

Everything may be different, but the themes are still the same. Kane talks about how leading your people is about more than just keeping them alive. Bellamy says they can’t make the same mistakes they did the last time they went to the ground. Monty says that if war is the only way to get the land, then maybe they don’t deserve it. Abby says they’ve done what they had to do to survive. And Clarke says, “there are no good guys.”

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The 100 has given us four fantastic seasons of different deadly situations that force our characters to deal with these same questions and continually come up short. If this trailer is any indication, we’re in for another wild ride.

The 100 Season 5 will be back on Tuesday, April 24th at 9 p.m. ET.