The 100 Season 5: Lindsey Morgan On How Raven Has Changed

Lindsey Morgan reflects on Raven's growth during the six-year time jump & her relationships with the others on the Ring.

The 100 Season 5 premiered this week, giving us a chance to catch back up with our favorite characters after a massive, six-year time jump. Den of Geek was part of a group of reporters who were lucky enough to visit The 100‘s Vancouver set back in November. We talked to Lindsey Morgan (Raven) about how her character has changed between Seasons 4 and 5.

“As you saw from last season, Raven was basically just completely deteriorated by the ALIE code in her brain and extracting it and what she had to go through, basically killing herself and bringing herself literally back to life without it,” recapped Morgan. “She no longer has the ALIE upgrade and no longer has that and she’s still dealing with that aftermath. But also, she got her friends up into space in the nick of time and they’ve been living on the Ring. But Raven has been trying, it’s been her mission for these last six years, to get everyone back to earth.”

Raven always gets the hardest jobs. This one is no exception, as Raven has yet to find a viable solution for returning to the Earth’s surface come the Season 5 opener.

“She is very upset that she’s not smart enough to figure this out and she kind of carries the burden of this failure and disappointment of her friends on her and it weighs on her heavily,” teased Morgan, while adding that Raven’s relationship with Bellamy continues to be a support system for her character.

“Raven has become Bellamy’s number two while on the Ring and Bellamy calls the shots, but Raven is so integral to the success of whatever operation or living, that they really depend on each other in a very pivotal way,” said Morgan. “It’s cool, I think it’s cool for Raven to have more leadership and to step up like that.”

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How has Raven’s relationships with the other people on the Ring developed and changed over the course of six years? Well, Morgan teased that Raven and Murphy’s relationship is as “dynamic and complex” as ever, adding: 

They become friends. The six years was a long time and a lot of healing and Murphy became a different Murphy in the Ring. He became a team player and part of the family instead of just kind of being the solitary asshole that he usually is. There’s still snarkiness there, I just think there’s a little bit less bite to it and there’s more understanding of it.

Morgan had a lot to say about the Emori and Raven relationship, too, saying the two “became really close during the six years and Emori’s kind of become Raven’s second in a sense.” 

In general, Morgan says Raven has had a lot of time to think over the course of the six years on the Ring, time spent growing up while looking down on Earth. How has Raven changed over the course of the time jump?

“I think she values life more and values her life and her friends’ lives,” said Morgan. “And I think has had a lot of time to think about what they did to survive on the earth and the people they are and who does she wanna be for the rest of her life. So I think you’re gonna find a more introspective Raven come this season.”

The 100 Season 5 premieres tonight at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.