The 100 Season 4 Episode 11 Review: The Other Side

The 100 is always at its best when it merges an intense pace with heartbreaking decisions.

This The 100 review contains spoilers.

The 100: Season 4, Episode 11

In an episode directed by Henry Ian Cusack and packed to the gills with story, Jasper and Monty eked out a beautiful quiet moment to say goodbye one last time, Raven decided to fight for her brain and her life, Clarke admitted she was wrong, the Blake siblings reunited, and Echo was sent packing yet again. While it felt like any one of these storylines could have used more room to breathe, The 100 is always at its best when it merges an intense pace with heartbreaking decisions.

“They stole the bunker – they’re not my people anymore.”

While it was fun to watch Murphy once again be just the right jerk for the job, I was really hoping his new moral code would hold up to a real test. On the other hand, I was impressed with Bellamy’s perception that Abby would be an ally, and his quick-thinking plan to save his sister.  It was good for him to have the moral high ground for once, though I’m glad we saw Clarke admit to being wrong. I also enjoyed Nyla calling Clarke out for her hypocrisy while still being there for her.

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I’m wondering if Jaha’s actions, aside from a betrayal of the other clans, could also be treason. After all, he took steps that would result in the chancellor’s death, while also breaking an alliance the chancellor had created. Jaha can’t seem to leave well enough alone, and I’m hoping he will have some sort of comeuppance. Speaking of comeuppance, Clarke sure seems like she should be in for some as well. I’m curious to see how other viewers feel about this recent turn of events, particularly because for once, we weren’t let in on her thinking. That makes her actions a betrayal to the audience, as well as to her people.

After a season-plus on the outs, Octavia and Bellamy’s reunion felt earned. I also loved watching Octavia continue to come into her own as a leader, deftly handling Echo, trusting her brother, and uniting the Grounders as one clan. If this setup leads to O as the new commander, I will be thrilled. She has always been sidelined from leadership due to her Grounder-centric plotlines and her general non-Clarkeness, but given where they are at as a society, Octavia feels perfect for the job.

“This is Raven Reyes and I’m alive.”

Last time we saw Raven, she was planning to shuffle of this mortal coil outside the atmosphere, enjoying one last space walk. While that would be a poetic way for her to go, especially considering her “origin story” with Finn, I’m glad we got something different.

Sinclair (or Mr. Gaeta, as he will forever be in my heart) plays the role of the angel on Raven’s shoulder, to Becca’s devil. Sinclair helps Raven realize that she shouldn’t give up so quickly. Aside from being a great way to trigger her problem-solving, this felt like a lovely bit of closure for the two characters. Even though it was ultimately all in her head, the admiration and affection was spot on. It was also great to see Raven back to her old self, quipping to Becca, “You know what else is a waste of my talent? Dying.” And without, she took a page out of Ewan McGregor’s book and chose life.

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I did wonder why no one has asked Murphy where Raven is. I know this was a packed episode, but you would think at least Abby would have taken a moment to mourn her. Speaking of Abby — did her symptoms magically disappear, or is that another plot point waiting to bubble up in these last few episodes? I could certainly see Abby choosing to sacrifice herself for Clarke or Kane if her symptoms returned and she had no means to cure them.

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At any rate, Abby may still have the chance to mourn Raven — while our favorite zero-G mechanic got the word out on the walkie, we only know of one Polis-bound ride she could catch. Even then, she would still have to make the cut to stay in the bunker. I have hope, though, since there was talk of prioritizing engineers and doctors. And besides, if anyone can save themselves purely by “being awesome,” it’s Raven Reyes.

“Say you love me.”

Watching Monty and Jasper say goodbye, it struck me that their brotherhood is perhaps the greatest love story of The 100. I’m glad that in the end Jasper gave up being aloof to tell Monty how he really feels, and Monty reciprocated. After last week’s deaths of three characters we know and care about at least a bit, losing Jasper set the tone that this season’s finale will be no less brutal than any other, and not just for some red shirts. Speaking of shirts — Jasper’s Earth Day 2052 shirt from Season 1 made a final appearance to remind us of the sweet, skinny kid in the goggles he once was.

Jasper was really the heart of the 100 who were sent down to earth, and from a creative standpoint, he was the character who was supposed to be killed in the pilot. Yet somehow, Devon Bostick continually made Jasper essential. And as the seasons wore on, he found ways to play his greater depths while reminding us who his character once was. Jason Rothenberg has even said that Jasper was supposed to die yet again at the end of last season, but he decided it was too dark.

I’m glad that Harper changed her mind, if for no other reason than to give Monty a fighting chance at keeping his own will to live. Losing Jasper and then seeing so many people who poisoned themselves will likely have lasting consequences similar to killing his mother…twice. I hope it propels Monty further into his hero’s journey, rather than setting him on the path that Jasper took after losing his girlfriend and his innocence in Mount Weather.

Heading into next week, I’ve got to think we have a lot more death still to come. While I doubt Echo, Raven, Monty, or Harper will go down without a fight, those in the bunker are also not as secure as they thought. We’ll also see if Octavia stands by her statement that SkaiKru aren’t her people anymore after stealing the bunker, and whether Jaha will ever have to face the music for his continual misdeeds. 

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4.5 out of 5