Terror In Resonance: My Fair Lady Review

As Terror in Resonance approaches the end of its first season, things slow down for the eighth episode, "My Fair Lady."

“I’m going because I don’t have time.” 

You can’t help but feel that this idea of running out of time is coursing through Terror in Resonance as it begins to wrap itself up with only three episodes remaining, and finally, answers to questions begin to trickle out. It’s still a little frustrating that the show, even now, continues with its subdued pace (and this might be more of an issue of them taking last week off, and the last episode being their most exciting entry), and this week a very relaxed pace is found as characters question the roles they’re in.

After the incident at the airport in the last episode, most of the police department is put on suspension with Shibazaki receiving the worst end of it by essentially being fired. This has him largely questioning the role he fills, but as he knows, he’s right about Sphinx, he plods ahead anyway, knowing he’s still a detective at heart, teaming up with a man named Hamura. And they dig up some pretty effective dirt.

In what’s perhaps the most interesting development of the episode, we learn that Nine, Twelve, and Five were part of something called the Athena Plan, whose goal was to educate gifted children. The files are largely missing on Athena, which is never an encouraging sign, but Shibazaki still manages to figure out that the Rising Peace Academy were the ones pushing this research ahead. It’s encouraging that Nine and Twelve’s terrorist attacks at least have had a motivation behind them, as we now learn, rather than it just being aimless destruction. The fact that this is all just reparations for what the Rising Peace Academy did to them is pretty satisfying.

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Much of this episode stays inside Lisa’s head, following her around as she almost gets herself blown up, aimlessly trying to figure out if she should stay with Nine and Twelve, and what purpose she can possible serve. I’m always appreciative when we get deeper inside of who Lisa is, as she’s the one in the most compelling situation here, but the best decision she might make in this episode is getting kidnapped by Five. The pairing of them holds much potential, and at the least, next week’s installment should be a lot of fun. Lisa might find she has more of a purpose and meaning by looking at things from Five’s perspective.

This might be a problem for Twelve though, whose interest in Lisa has always been pretty clear from the start. We see Twelve wanting to back down from his and Nine’s master plan, and it’s obvious that Lisa has more than a little to do with this. On the other hand, Nine wants the opposite, insisting they should barrel ahead and launch their endgame ahead of schedule. Both of these decisions having a lot to do with Five’s presence and the fearful respect they have towards her. As Twelve moves forward into what is more certainly a trap, Terror in Resonance again offers a glimpse of excitement, as it seems that Nine and Twelve may be separated at least for a little bit.

A new worthy competitor always makes you reassess your game plan and whether you’re prepared or not for what’s coming ahead, as the factions bifurcate ever further, with Shibazaki estranged from his force, and Nine, Twelve, and Lisa, all apart, these final stretch of episodes should be an exciting realization of who’s going to come out on top, and if any of the Rising Peace Academy will remain.

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3 out of 5