Teen Wolf: Weaponized Review

It's a bad case of chemistry in this week's viral episode of Teen Wolf. Here is our review!

Whenever our plucky band of Scooby-like heroes and heroines become trapped (for whatever reason) inside the halls of Beacon Hills High, we get a delicious bottle-episode feel, whether or not the Teen Wolf episode — technically speaking — even is one. ‘Weaponized’ was no different. While the action took place in several different locations, it mostly unfurled at school. There is so much happening at that place of higher education! Between the basement vault and the constant murder attempts, it makes Buffy’s hellmouth look like a breeze.

This week was a return to form for the Teen Wolf. The plot-driven intensity of the episode worked hand-in-hand with the emotional developments of the characters to create a tight, sexy, death-riddled little hour. Does that make me sound weird? It does, but whatever; I’m owning it.

This week the gang continues to just barely avoid being offed by The Benefactor’s minions. A substitute biology teacher — never seen before and never to be seen again — infects everyone who shows up to take their PSATS with an advanced form of canine distemper. “DOG EBOLA” I yelled at the screen. Which, I admit now given the current climate, was in poor taste. I then discussed with my viewing companions just how good of an epidemiologist I would be. They were skeptical, for which I cannot fault them.

The biggest strength of this episode was the attention it paid to problems of the season. I mean sure, it was great and suspenseful to watch all the weres leak black blood and go blind, but it was more interesting to spend time with Stiles and Scott’s dads as the true impotence they feel when protecting their extraordinary kids came into play. When Scott’s dad saves Stiles and murders the evil bio teacher (“LAB IS CANCELLED FOREVER,” I wish he had yelled), it was a truly great moment. Both of the dads are doing everything they can for their sons, but it’s turning them into different people.

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Two other major issues finally got some time in the limelight as well. Remember how Malia is Peter’s kid? Well, I feel like that relationship is about to get some more play and the attention it deserves. That’s because Malia discovered Stiles had been hiding the truth behind the “death pool” from her and she is piiiissssed about it — rightly so. I was psyched to see Lydia put her banshee butt in gear and get down to the high school to try and help. That said, her frustration when it comes to utilizing her gift is so palpable. It was great they explored that this week — here’s hoping they keep that up.

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3.5 out of 5