Teen Wolf season 2 episode 10 review: Fury

With just two episodes left of Teen Wolf's second season, Fury leaves viewers with a major conflict. Here's Ron's review...

This review contains spoilers.

2.10 Fury

After the reveal last week that Peter Hale was still alive (kind of) and that Matt was the person who was in charge of the controlling the kanima, it’s obvious that Teen Wolf is building to something big. I just had no idea just how many big things would go down in this week’s episode. All season, the show has moved its pieces into position, and with just two episodes left, viewers have been given a major conflict.

Stiles and Scott know who is controlling the kanima, and after a brief discussion with the Sheriff, they all head down to the police station to put together the evidence in such a way as to actually arrest Matt for his crimes. Unfortunately for them, Matt’s not exactly as dumb as they think, and when they get to the police station, they’re soon joined by a very angry Matt and a very murderous kanima. When Scott’s mum comes by the station to provide an eye-witness identification of Matt and to place him as the mystery smotherer at the hospital, things go from bad to worse.

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And that’s before the Argent clan shows up with machine guns and a drive for vengeance. That’s right, Allison knows Derek is the reason her mother had to kill herself, and she’s not happy about it. Scott, Stiles, and the rest just happen to be in the way. (Except for Matt and the kanima, they may also be targets of Gerard and company, albeit not Allison.) 

You have to hand it too Jeff Davis. As the producer and head writer of Teen Wolf, he’s the man primarily responsible for giving fans what they want, and this week we got what we wanted from the programme. From the surprisingly high body count at the hands of the kanima, to Matt’s long soliloquy about why he’s become the big bad of season 2, to multiple references to Greek mythology and classic literature, this week’s Teen Wolf had it all. While some of the things were expected, like Gerard’s bond with the kanima, there were also some unexpected moments, such as the amusing nod to the fans when Stiles and Hale get paralyzed and end up cuddling briefly.

Stephen Lunsford really got to speak this week. After last week being declared Victoria Argent week, Lunsford’s Matt was able to hold off a scene-stealing Gerard Argent and keep control of this particular episode, during which we got an explanation of why Matt hates the class of 2006 swim team and how he discovered that he had a kanima as a friend—and a clever explanation of how his control of the kanima works. Unlike Eaddy Mays, his scenes aren’t quite as effective, but he doesn’t have that mother’s love of her daughter to fall back on. He’s much more megalomaniacal and driven, and it works best when he’s not talking quite so much and delivering his evil quips to Allison.

There was a lot of action this week. Tim Andrew once again did the directing, and while I still kind of like Mulcahy’s color palate a bit better, he’s no slouch himself. He’s got a good touch with the fight scenes, particularly between Derek and kanima Jackson, and I liked the way he framed the shots of the darkened police station. The show uses a lot of darkness and shadow for dramatic effect, and while they occasionally indulge a bit in shaky camerawork, most of the fighting is shown in steady, well-framed shots that don’t render everything in a nauseating jiggle.

The show has promised plenty more fireworks before the second season ends, including the death of a major character. I can think of a couple of people who are probably going to die, but I won’t feed the rumour mill. Somehow, the crew has managed to complete a couple of major plot lines while still leaving enough on the table to fill out the last two episodes with big events. Gerard seems to have made a new friend or two this week, and it seems as though the returning Peter Hale will make his presence known before things are all over.

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US Correspondent Ron Hogan was impressed by the body count in this week’s Teen Wolf. Rest in peace, desk officer girl that Hale flirted with. Find more by Ron daily at Shaktronics and PopFi.

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