Teen Wolf: Muted review

Teen Wolf angst pays off well on the bored and old. If it's not floating in Noxema, it's not a witch in Rebecca Jane Stokes' review.

Holy Wendigo, Batman! Remember when the folks behind Teen Wolf promised that this season would be a return to more of the human stuff and less of the supernatural stuff? Well this week that proved to be at least half correct…please see the aforementioned Wendigo, who serves as the monster of the week. So yeah, humanity and teenage problems abound (I’m looking at you Scott, all getting your smooch on and saying cute things to Malia that you think are manly) but the supernatural reigns supreme. As well it should on a show that is ostensibly about the trials and tribulations of an adolescent werewolf.

It isn’t just the teens exploring their angsty sides this week. Oh no. The olds have their share of problems too. Kate is still on the lam. It’s gotta sting slightly, right? She is being pursued by a band of incredibly good-looking teens. It’s like turning around to discover a Noxzema ad is after you. Other adults feeling the hurt this week include Peter. Now that he’s out his millions, he spends a fair portion of the episode bemoaning his poverty-stricken state. If we’d spent more time with Peter swimming around a Scrooge-McDuck-sized money bank cackling with delight, this might resonate a wee bit more. Still, I feel you, dude. Now it looks like he might need to go seek employment. It’s a tough reality, I’m sure, but if it will keep him in bronzer and deep-cut v-neck tee-shirts, I know he’s man enough to take one for the team.

SPEAKING OF TEAMS (swish, three points for that transition) the lacrosse team is scorching hot…with drama! *Cue jazz hands*. Scott feels like his position as captain is being threatened so he sends Liam, his first actual adversary, accidentally to the hospital. Scott: Use your words. In other weird lacrosse news, the Coach wants Kira to join the team. So okay, cool, that won’t threaten Scott at all. Nope. I blame Greenberg.

Lydia is doing most of the sleuthing this week, with an accidental assist from Stiles. They spend a fair chunk of the episode pursuing a red herring. Now, when I say red herring, what I actually mean is a murderous-looking dude with no actual mouth (hence the episode’s title). It is gnarly. It turns out that while he is still deadly, he isn’t after the gang. He’s after Sean, the Wendigo, who he quickly dispatches.

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But, because nothing is ever easy in Beacon Hills, Scott manages to bite Liam as they all struggle to put down Sean. Scott, turning your biggest adversary into a werewolf is a terrible plan, you loveable yet foolish scamp. This episode is the strongest the season’s had so far. The first two were cool, but they worked better if viewed as separate more cinematic adventures. This episode really reconnects the ensemble and ups the personal stakes for everyone in a way I didn’t even realize we so desperately needed. We care about the team again! Werewolf bites all around! 

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4 out of 5