Teen Wolf: 117 Review

After last week's epic season premiere, it is time for a change of scenery and location for Teen Wolf Season 4!

Farewell, Mexico! I guess I should technically being saying ‘adios,’ but there is no time to dwell on language now — not when we’ve got a teenaged Derek Hale making it his business to quietly freak out, all blue-eyed, and adolescent, in every creepy nook and cranny that Beacon Hills has to offer in tonight’s Teen Wolf. We need to get that wolf-boy on lockdown, stat!

Speaking of time crunches, did we mention that Kate is not only back, and not only a werewolf, but one who can’t quite control her shifting? Yeah. That’s happening. I’d avoid any and all public women’s bathrooms should you hear the cracking of bones and screaming emanating from therein. Could it be devilish constipation paying a visit? Sure. But it could also be a murderous lady werewolf – and they need their privacy. Trust.

After the epic adventure of last week’s season premiere, there was almost no way tonight’s episode could seem like anything other than less-than – abandoned Mexican cities? A heretofore unseen bone-type monster inexplicably named after a city in Switzerland? Derek being entombed in a vault? Shyeah. Things were bound to slow down apace.

That said, while this episode was pretty exposition heavy, there were also some great treats – and I’m not just talking about the return of Derek Hale’s adult abdominals nor a visit from everyone’s favorite creepy uncle, Peter and his revealing t-shirts. Though, admittedly, those things both happened, and were equally delightful to behold (Peter getting temporarily blinded = shades of Deucalion, anyone? Anyone?). The writing team did their best to end on a button – a stolen $117 million! Pfft. Money. Almost the least interesting thing imaginable in a world where weres run rampant.

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To give praise where it’s due, there’s exposition, and then there’s adding pages to an already impressively stacked show bible. That’s the sort of expository stuff we can get behind, and we got it tonight in spades. I like the notion that we are going to do the emotional heavy-lifting required to grapple with Kate and Peter and Derek’s relationship. I cannot tell you that I did not slow clap when Peter revealed that the Triskelion had no actual powers. That’s kind of brilliant.

Of course, Kate wants the symbol if she thinks it can help her control her shifting. Naturally! But what a great wobble to the power dynamic. Yet again the object that she seeks is itself powerless, but it can lead her to the only people on earth who can possibly help her…if she can humble herself before them. Oh, pride *pauses to shake fists at the heavens* you make mewling idiots of us all! *Pushes glasses back on and resumes normal and calm demeanor.*

Could have done with some more Scott and Stiles this time – but when can we not? We did get some awesome Papa Stiles and Papa Scott moments though, which were delicious in the same way an unexpected chocolate mint on your pillow can be! Am I the only one who lol’d like she had never lol’d before when the sheriff immediately assumed that everyone had been time traveling?! I love that after the recent events in his life that he just automatically assumes the most fantastical option will be the right one. It makes me want to pat his weathered face.

I don’t know where they are going with FBI Agent Scott’s dad just yet, but I’m hoping it’s some place interesting. I trust these writers not to just be using him to fill the spot left once Sheriff Stiles was clued into the goings on in his small-town. FBI Agent Scott’s dad has such potential in a vaguely David-Lynch-like way that I hope that’s explored!

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2.5 out of 5